“His name was Theo.”

The super heroes of every day life

Downtown Copenhagen feeling

Are you okay?

Have you noticed Berlin turning into La La Land?

I’ve fallen in love!

Brits = crackers & chocolate

Behind the scenes – and the sheets?

Rendez Vous in Mainhatten

“To love beauty is to see light.”

Dandruff-free thruths

The Beauty of Black & White

“His name was Theo.”

Behold, there is a new love in my life! After meticulously screening ebay kleinanzeigen for months and test riding one iron horse after the other I finally found the new object for my devotion. Meanwhile Victor has left me for the two-wheeled afterlife.

One challenge: I can’t find a name for the handsome fellow – a bike is not a bike without a name. Keen on Theo…yay or nay?

Theo the bike

The super heroes of every day life

In the end we’re all just human.

Super woman crash

star wars elvis hello

superman street corner

star wars singing in the rain

astronaut on fire

lady umbralla superwoman

superman elefant


Source: Bajerblog and random

Downtown Copenhagen feeling

Need some funky, cheasy uptimistic music? This track by Laid Back will do the trick.

While we’re at it continue with this mix by Monkey Safari (incl. uptimistic intro)

Are you okay?

Do you sometimes pause life to ponder about the difference between bodily and mental maintenance and real living? To ask yourself the absurdly simple yet extremely complicated question: “Am I okay?”. And when answering this question do you have the guts to be completely honest with yourself.

I came across this video where Rene Redzepi talks about the unreal success of Noma; the price of living up to the title “the world’s best” and the related risk of forgetting your own values as you are spinned deeper and deeper into a hamster wheel of others’ expectations and opinions.

I’m sure this video would have had a lot more views if it had been a 4 minute sum-up. But do yourself and your surroundings a favour and take the time to watch it and at the same time reflect what makes life fun to live – and are you doing it? Having asked myself the question regularly in the last months and dared to take the consequences I can relate – and I’m proud of my reply.

Have you noticed Berlin turning into La La Land?

Cold pressed juices, green shakes, ginger-turmeric shots, detox diets and and and. The American food trends hitting Berlin these days are quite far from the supersize me concept. Not that I mind. On the contrary! Love my green shake in the morning after an early run (see prove here).

Enough with the jibber jabber, for the short notice decision makers among us (and I know there are quite a few in Berlin) there is a soft-soft-soft opening in Graefestrasse 80 of a new cold pressed juice bar. The enchanting yoga goddess Eva is hosting a 1 hour vinyasa flow yoga followed by a Cold Pressed Green Detox Juice and a wheat grass shot by Wild.Kräuter.

This Wednesday 02.04.2014. 7 p.m.

Sign up: eva.kaczor@gmail.com



I’ve fallen in love!

And it was about time, I tell you. Been far too long since I’ve really, really loved a song. But this was love at first listen.

Thanks to ex-roomie Johnjon and his partner in crime Chopstick I once again have a play.pause.repeat track.

You can get it here if you’re as smitten as I am. The Pining Moon EP is out since three weeks. Full album ‘TWELVE’ (SUOLCD009) on Friday!

Brits = crackers & chocolate

Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin have created maps of countries and continent with food that they found representable for the regions, “a playful representation of our interpretation of food from around the world.”

I don’t know about you but I would be slightly offended if my country was depicted as dry crackers and milk chocolate. On the other hand maybe that displays the Brits quite well?
So I wonder which iconic regional foods would represent Denmark? Maybe thanks to René Redzepi it would be a tasty medley of herbs & greens, Nordic berries, fresh fish and farm-raised beef. I’d prefer that over the conclusion one could come to after reading a recent article in the economist. Then it would be bacon. Not that I don’t like bacon.

Food Map Britain

food map by Henry Hargreaves 2

Skærmbillede 2014-03-23 kl. 12.04.13

Skærmbillede 2014-03-23 kl. 12.04.26

Skærmbillede 2014-03-23 kl. 12.04.42
Photos by Henry Hargreaves.

Making of video:

Behind the scenes – and the sheets?

Behind the scenes star wars
Princess Leia and Chewie. 1980.

Rendez Vous in Mainhatten

I used to go to Kuchi alot. Then I got to know Nam. And more importantly his food vision and philosophie. So now I always go to DUDU. He did use to work at Kuchi though so there is a certain connection.

While in Frankfurt I had the time to visit the newly opened Moriki (the owners are business partners of Kofler & Kompanie where I work btw) and turns out they have a partnership with Berlin sushi institution Kuchi.

Very tasty food and a mouthwatering menu – very big selection both for lunch and dinner. Went for the best friends roll of course. And did feel like we were BFF indeed. Lasted till the last bite. Though I do prefer my sushi with a bit less sauce. But all friends come with flaws.

Looking forward to test the dinner menu on my next visit to the Main-metropolis.




“To love beauty is to see light.”

Enlightened moments yesterday on my bike ride home from work. And yes I have to start carrying around my camera around again for better photos. Getting bored with the Instagram look.


Title = a quote by Victor Hugo, French Author, Born February 26, 1802. Who delivered quite alot of though awakening quotes. French people do have their moments.


For and 80es lover of course a neon “disco turm” is a hit. #Fernsehturm


Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol are just a couple of the 20th century artists whose works are featured in the projection. Even the ground is included in the live gallery.


To be honest I’m not sure if this was a special show or if the SAS Radisson always sparkels in blue?


The world of music turned into a visual art play – a light symphony. A colourful addition to the Berlin Dome.

On display till October 20th! More information on these and other works here.

Dandruff-free thruths

One of my favorite twitters. Many thruths from the world of advertising. Many of them which make you smile as in “been there, done that”.


“It was so boring I just had to look,” said no one ever.

Just because you used reason to reach a conclusion doesn’t mean you reasoned correctly.

Dearest Client, While we welcome your opinion, don’t forget the reasons you’re paying for ours. Love, LCB

Skærmbillede 2013-10-06 kl. 13.06.54

The Beauty of Black & White

Pictures full of atmosphere by photographer and film director Jerry Schatzenberg.

Jerry Schatzenberg Faye Dunnaway
Faye Dunaway, 1970

jerry schatzberg1
Edie Sedgwick, 1966

Brodovitch-Halloween Party: 1954-002-002-024 Manhattan, New York, USA 1954
Brodovitch Halloween Party, 1954.

jerry schatzberg_19660900hysymbjerryscha
The Rolling Stones, 1966


Jerry 74091-50422605-u5fb87

Wall Street, 1958.

Via Silver Velvet Sky