There’s nothing like a big, fat, juicy steak…

But, I am one of those people who prefer to eat meat less often and then go for high quality. That means, I often choose vegetarian (or vegan) alternatives and luckily there are plenty of options in Berlin.
(Actually, I prefer high quality no matter what food so guess I’m a “qualitarian”?)

Anywho, a couple of places to check out, sorted by budget.

Broke Berlin creative-budget
The veggie interpretaton of the döner.

Once a broke Berlin creative” but I sold my integrity to capitalism-Budget
The newly opened vegan restaurant run by Björn Moschinski who is ex-headchef of La Mano Verde.

I used to “have projects”, now I make big money-Budget
La Mano Verde
Not only vegan but they also offer quite a few raw and gluten free dishes for the paleo dieters among us.

Photos from Veggie Love (check it out for general updates on vegan offers/experiences in Berlin) + restaurant websites.

*UPDATE: Had lunch at Kopps the other day and wasn’t too impressed. Go make your own oppinion but I’d choose the steak…

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