Are you okay?

Do you sometimes pause life to ponder about the difference between bodily and mental maintenance and real living? To ask yourself the absurdly simple yet extremely complicated question: “Am I okay?”. And when answering this question do you have the guts to be completely honest with yourself.

I came across this video where Rene Redzepi talks about the unreal success of Noma; the price of living up to the title “the world’s best” and the related risk of forgetting your own values as you are spinned deeper and deeper into a hamster wheel of others’ expectations and opinions.

I’m sure this video would have had a lot more views if it had been a 4 minute sum-up. But do yourself and your surroundings a favour and take the time to watch it and at the same time reflect what makes life fun to live – and are you doing it? Having asked myself the question regularly in the last months and dared to take the consequences I can relate – and I’m proud of my reply.

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