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Hey little sister shot gun

So much other stuff to do that creating blogposts these days.

But here’s some ear candy while we wait. Speaker on max and get that dark groove on!

PS. Sister coming to town next week. Love!

Healthy paleo lifestyle meets ear candy escapades

A documentation of a couple of the events that filled my last weekend.

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Went for an early morning run.

Got high on water

Went to a birthday party at an amazing location at the water

Had a dance or two at an open air

Rumanian Puma got hungry

Baked paleo buns (recipe inspiration here – sorry, Danish)

Tale of Us delivering ear candy.

No need to buy a city guide

CeeCee is one of my favourite newsletters. They send outstanding Berlin insider tips every Thursday straight to your in-box (after you sign up on their website).

And I recently discovered they have a Google Map with a complete overview over all the spots in the city they’ve written about so far.

Website. Map.

Vis Cee Cee på et større kort

Back to the (food) roots

I heard about this Copenhagen “duk-op” restaurant from Danish, Birmingham-based, DJane Denise who recently had the pleasure of joining an event.

Rødder : changing locations and changing prices according to the menu (Denise paid less than €25 for 3 courses and a glass of wine) but true to the sentiment to always exploit regional and seasonal produce and pursue the Nose2Tail concept.

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Excuse me, but there is just more appreciation of aesthetics in Copenhagen compared to Berlin. I do love the unpolished Berlin “we just do it out of passion” touch that you experience here at these kind of “entrepreneurial initiatives”. But sometimes I wish it would be executed 100% instead of a lazy 85%. If you know what I mean?

© Chris Tonnesen

Can’t get enough? – AnUduakMoment

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Explorers in the world of music

Do you know the difference between a regular musician and one who thinks outside the box in terms of creating a unique sound and ambience?
This video clearly displays the latter in my humble opinion. Fascinating!

Have to get my hands on Piramida when released in September by Danish band Efterklang, that I mentioned once before.

Solid work!

© Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Amore amaro. An Italian pleasure with history

Working on a project for illy these days I of course get a lot of Italian input. And what I love most about Italians; their ability to enjoy….indulge…consume with pleasure.

This current Italian favorite of mine, was introduced to me at PANTRY though. The Americano; campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda. I have a thing for bitter cocktails. Maybe because they work all year round…hot, cold, wet, dry.

Spike it with gin and you have Negroni. Or I tend to add vodka, simply because.

Happy weekend!


Wiki says:
The cocktail was first served in creator Gaspare Campari’s bar, Caffè Campari, in the 1860s. It was originally known as the “Milano-Torino” because of its ingredients: Campari, the bitter liqueur, is from Milan and Cinzano, the vermouth, is from Turin (Torino). It is popular belief that in the early 1900s, the Italians noticed a surge of Americans who enjoyed the cocktail. As a compliment to the Americans, the cocktail later became known as the “Americano”. A more probable explanation however is that the name was derived from the word “amaro”, which means “bitter” in Italian.

It is the first drink ordered by James Bond in the first novel in Ian Fleming’s series, Casino Royale. In the short story “From a View to a Kill” Bond chooses an Americano as an appropriate drink for a mere café; suggesting that “in cafés you have to drink the least offensive of the musical comedy drinks that go with them.”[2] Bond always stipulates Perrier, for in his opinion expensive soda water was the cheapest way to improve a poor drink.

The mobile kind of roof terrace

Do not despair if you long for spending sunny days on the roof when there’s not an actual terrace on the top of your building.

Lithuanian design graduate Ainė Bunikytė came up with an idea that makes it possible to breakfast with a view, terrace or not.

Only thing she would have to clear (at least for people in Berlin) is how make the sun show up.

Via Dezeen.

Mexican / Korean Weekend

I had a quick lunch today at Chaparro (craved their soft tacos) and saw this flyer promoting this weekend’s fusion food event with Fräulein Kimchi.

For those who are in the neighbourhood – or feel like doing some food fusion vs. Kreuberg exploring, it sounds like a winner.

Copenhagen, pretty in July. Part I

A few snapshots from Copenhagen … random stuff that caught my eye.

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Happy (drunken) students

My favorite chocolate of all “Toms Skildpadde”

I have a multi-ride ticket for life (and Tivoli – thanks MM!)

Most beautiful garden of all. Tivoli.

Sunday challenge – upside down

Sylwia aka Miss Disco doing her thing

Èn med det hele [one with everything] – referring to the hotdog or just used in general by Mr Black.

Oh, so full of love!

You know how they (OECD) say Danish people are the happiest in the world? Maybe because they’re (we’re?) so full of love.

I was in Copenhagen last weekend and love [kærlighed] was all around … cheese love, clean city love, real estate love, nørrebronx love.

More Copenhagen pics coming up.

Of course DJ Bobo always knew.

More sips of happiness, please.

Have you heard about LIVE HAPPilly yet?

Berlin/Germany campaign for Italian premium coffee brand illy and current project of uduak // urban explorer (handling collabs and communication) where we basically turned Berlin into “the woooorrrlds” largest espresso bar.

Get your “sip of happiness” at 20 selected Locations (“HAPPilly Places”) around town with a first class Espresso/coffee and participate in competitions and special events. All you have to do is register on the website to become part of the LIVE HAPPilly Community.

Read more on or check out the coffeelicious HAPPilly Blog.

HAPPilly Places
Dudes Factory • Shusta • Baerck • Blush • Stilrad • Cara Tonga • F. Rau • Reading Room • Wood Wood • Boros Bunker • Andreas Murkudis • JACKS Beauty Department • Ofelia • Akeef • Dialogue Books • Amorph • Soto • C’est tout • Nickels Berlin • Purple Phoenix