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More art

Since I will be at Berghain at 21:00 I can’t go to this reception at Swedish design gallery Jacksons, recommended by photographer friend Noshe. If you are free tonight it’s an open event. The occassion is a Bruno Mathsson exhibition. For those of you who are interested in furniture design.

Billede 15

Concert at Berghain

No clubbing tonight just a concert at Berghain where a friend of mine, Dj Naughty / Filippo Moscatello is perfoming with the Capital Dance Orchestra, singer Simon Marlow and The Puppetmastaz. I watched/heard them perform once before and LOVED it so I’m quite excited. Also the venue is amazing of course

Concert starts at 21:00 and the ticket is € 18,00. Of course the price includes the right to party in Berghain all night long afterwards.

Billede 28

Store opening

Friends of a friend just opened a Red Wing Shoes flagship store in Münzstraße 8. The first one in Germany. I went to the opening yesterday. Self service of cold Becks from the back of a truck, rye bread with ham, salami etc and whiskey. Real men’s treat.

Had a couple of beers, “mingled” and then went to the Bambi Lounge party in Haus am köllnischen Park where Vincenzo, a good friend of, mine was playing. Was like a private party…all the usual suspects from “Berlin Mitte” were there. Good fun.


Berliner Kunstsalon

Before going to Liquidrom (which I highly recommend if you want to pamper yourself!) I made it to the Berliner Kunstsalon opening along with some friends. The old Humboldt Substation is an amazing venue! It’s only open to the public at special events.

Rumour has it that a Hollywood star lived there for three years. Nobody ever knew who it was only a black limo would pull up in front of the building now and then, picking somebody up or dropping somebody off. Do you have a tip?

Anyway, the exhibition was great! Sad I had to rush through it. Do go there if you have time! Find more information here


Last minute

No plans tonight? There is the Art Berlin Contemporary (ABC) opening party in Haus am Köllnischen Park (map). Starts at 22.00.

For those more traditional ones of you there is the usual Tuesday action at Cookies. Though a bit unusual tonight…it’s Highgrade Label Night. Don’t think I’ve ever bumped into Tom (Clark) at Cookies before? Sure he can shake things up!

My plans? Going to Liquidrom with a friend. To chiiiill and recharge batteries after the weekend.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Die Meierei

I’ve past it so many times but never been inside this new favorite café of mine. Until this weekend. Turns out a lot of friends go there too. It’s like an institution. You go there on your own and somebody you know is already there or shows up within 10 minutes. My new almost-home office though I probably wouldn’t get much work done.

I cured hangover with cappucino, “Rindfleischsuppe mit Knödel” and redwine…bit of an odd breakfast but helped! Also my feinschmecker-friend Markus recommends the “Hirsebrei” – will try it next time! Super-friendly people and a backyard perfect for chilling. Best thing: Tables are far enough away from eachother to give you privacy! Hate feeling herded like cattle when I’m in a cafe.

Die Meierei, Kollwitzstrasse 42, 10405 Berlin


Friday night

With BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days) going on this week there are soooo many parties. Check the link for full party line-up. This is where I’ll be going tonight

First to Club der Visionaere. Probably one of this years last outdoor parties. Great atmosphere right at the Spree and some of my really good friends including my roommate are playing.


Later Bpitch Control Night at WMF


It does exist in Berlin

Bar Tausend is one of the few places in Berlin where you will be denied access for wearing sneakers – unless they are the new ones from Mr. Wang, of course.

Beautiful place – amazing mirror ceiling – where people are actually dressed up. Music genre depends on the lineup but mostly disco classics and house tunes. Worth a visit!
Ring the doorbell at the big steel door on Schiffbauerdamm 11 and greet the doorman as if you go there every weekend (they can be a bit tough on tourists).

Entrance fee depends on line-up (5 – 10 €)
Open Wednesday – Saturday from 9 pm.

A friend of mine, Alex Lindblad from Backroom Entertainment is hosting a monthly night starting tomorrow, “RIEN NE VA PLUS!”. She’s playing back to back with my favorite Italian, Filippo “Naughty” Moscatello. Stop by for great disco and house classics!

Rien ne va plus

Time for some art

I’m not really an “art person” but sometimes I tell myself it’s time to get inspired. Time is coming up with Berliner Kunstsalon from 22.07 – 27.09. I will be going there for the opening party on the 22.09 (it always works better for me to combine art with a glass of prosecco or two) starting at 5 pm. Heard it was a great success last year and it’s a cool location this year so if you’re in Berlin next week, stop by!

Berliner Kunstsalon


Open daily: 14.00 – 22.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 20.00
Entrance free on the opening day, otherwise €8/person

“THE Berlin fair for emerging contemporary art will be presenting from a space of c. 10,000 sq. meters 70 exhibitors showing positions of photography, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, and video.”

Berliner Kunstsalon


Looking for leather? Buy whole pieces (maybe for a one of a kind leather outfit for your next visit at Berghain?) or smaller samples at a cheaper price. Belt leather, bag leather, buckles and studs…whatever your heart desires!

Lederhandel, Bergmannstraße 90, 10961 Berlin (Map)

Lederhandel Lederhandel



…is the German word for handicraft work. I go to this store now and then to pick up some pearls when I feel like “expressing my creativity”. It’s not like they have an overwhelming selection but the owner is really nice and friendly and the prices are very fair.

It’s nearby Rosenthaler U-Bahn on Brunnenstraße