“To love beauty is to see light.”

Enlightened moments yesterday on my bike ride home from work. And yes I have to start carrying around my camera around again for better photos. Getting bored with the Instagram look.


Title = a quote by Victor Hugo, French Author, Born February 26, 1802. Who delivered quite alot of though awakening quotes. French people do have their moments.


For and 80es lover of course a neon “disco turm” is a hit. #Fernsehturm


Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol are just a couple of the 20th century artists whose works are featured in the projection. Even the ground is included in the live gallery.


To be honest I’m not sure if this was a special show or if the SAS Radisson always sparkels in blue?


The world of music turned into a visual art play – a light symphony. A colourful addition to the Berlin Dome.

On display till October 20th! More information on these and other works here.

The Beauty of Black & White

Pictures full of atmosphere by photographer and film director Jerry Schatzenberg.

Jerry Schatzenberg Faye Dunnaway
Faye Dunaway, 1970

jerry schatzberg1
Edie Sedgwick, 1966

Brodovitch-Halloween Party: 1954-002-002-024 Manhattan, New York, USA 1954
Brodovitch Halloween Party, 1954.

jerry schatzberg_19660900hysymbjerryscha
The Rolling Stones, 1966


Jerry 74091-50422605-u5fb87

Wall Street, 1958.

Via Silver Velvet Sky

Buying art the 2013-way

If you have no plans on Sunday and dare to defeat the promised minus degrees Berlin Art Link warmly invites you to the De Joode & Kamutzki Winter 2013 Auction presented in collaboration with Pampero Colectivo.

It’s an innovative online/offline things were live-stream video and remote bidding will be provided to serve as a portal between the Berlin location and the New York City satellite location at Stadium Gallery in the Chelsea gallery district. Very 2013!
Begin Berlin 18.00.

Berlin location: Karl-Marx-Allee 78, 10243 Berlin
New York location: Stadium Gallery, 548 W. 28th Street Suite 636, New York, NY.

Register to reserve your spot: or try and come spontaneously.

View the artists and artworks online on




The mobile kind of roof terrace

Do not despair if you long for spending sunny days on the roof when there’s not an actual terrace on the top of your building.

Lithuanian design graduate Ainė Bunikytė came up with an idea that makes it possible to breakfast with a view, terrace or not.

Only thing she would have to clear (at least for people in Berlin) is how make the sun show up.

Via Dezeen.

Color me Friday

Thought it was time with a break from instagrammed pictures and add some real color to life.

Aestethic project by GiesenLeenders: depicting characters that blend within their environment. Read more here.

Discovered via

Images: Courtesy of Ilse Leenders

Berlin on a watercolour canvas

I used to paint and sketch a lot while still in high school and though it’s been less and less in the last 10 years I was happy to hear from Mira O’Brien who told me about her watercolour workshop at the Berlin Drawing Room.

The Summer Watercolor Workshop the Berlin Landscape (June 28 – July 15) is about the landscape of Berlin as a subject for practising the subtle medium of watercolour; layering color and value, dry and wet brushstrokes, sketching with watercolor, and experimentation with new materials.

It will be on Sundays, at changing outdoor locations and in addition, the class will meet in the Berlin Drawing Room studio to focus on technique.

No experience required!

Read more here.

An artistic outcast.

I have this habit of making notes on my iPhone when out and about. It be phrases, events or names of people. Which can be quite interesting because often a couple of months pass until I read these notes again and then I have no clue in which situation I made the note.

This is the case of “Bernard Buffet”. I don’t know where or when I stumpled upon this name but when I googled it just now I discovered it was a French artist. And (again) I like his work! And he has an interesting history too. The Independent published this article about his relationship with Picasso.

An archive of the world’s cultural diversity.

Might be worth checking out Museum of Indian Art displaying art made by native Americans.

And totally out of context but google “Indian music” and this popped up.

A soft cover. Compressed.

With bidding starting at €8.000 this 2×2,5 m quilted piece by Katrin Rodegast is out of my league.
But many other interesting works are being auctioned at the “Compressed” auction at .HBC on March 8 by the Neonchocolate Gallery.

More information here.

A small selection of further pieces.

The BAL Ball

Who, what? Silly wordplay? Me?

My friends over at Berlin Art Link are celebrating their one year anniversary.THE BAL BALL. Yeih!

Come make new friends like Devon Elise Atkins (visuals), Casione Phil and Andy No Andy.
PS. I would really have to work on my name if I decide to join The Arts one day.

More info on Facebook.

What’s in your fridge?

If Christmas wasn’t so far away I would have wished for “Where they create” by photographer Paul Barbera.

Photos and descriptions of the spaces where creative minds create. Interviews included. Not only how their daily environment influences their output, but also what’s on their desk and even what’s in their fridge.

So here’s to a Januray present for myself.

Temples of Love

These highly inspiring temples are located in Madhya Pradesh, India approximately 650 km from New Delhi. A UNESCO world heritage site and apparently of the most visited Indian tourist attractions. Wonder why?

Originally there were 85 temples but only 20 remain well preserved 1000 years after the “erection” which begun in the mid-9th century and went on for 250 years. I wonder if the workers had a hard time focusing?

Khajuraho: One-on-one, orgies, up-side down, animals – all fantasies and/or experiences are openly portraied. Wunderbar!