The mobile kind of roof terrace

Do not despair if you long for spending sunny days on the roof when there’s not an actual terrace on the top of your building.

Lithuanian design graduate Ainė Bunikytė came up with an idea that makes it possible to breakfast with a view, terrace or not.

Only thing she would have to clear (at least for people in Berlin) is how make the sun show up.

Via Dezeen.

Hang ‘Em!

Green is the new black and hanging plants are the new orchids.

Ramdomly discovered this tutorial on Pinterest yesterday so now you know how to spend your 25 degrees weekend in Berlin!

Sources: Designsponge, Skinnylaminx.

(Maybe this entry testifies that I’ve reached a certain age?)

The door to the hidden lands.

Had dinner in a BEAUTIFUL flat earlier this week. Full of decorative objects and obscure details including this fantastic door leaning against the wall in the spacious kitchen.

See another photo here.

“The world would be a better place…”

“…if people would swing more.”

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What’s in your fridge?

If Christmas wasn’t so far away I would have wished for “Where they create” by photographer Paul Barbera.

Photos and descriptions of the spaces where creative minds create. Interviews included. Not only how their daily environment influences their output, but also what’s on their desk and even what’s in their fridge.

So here’s to a Januray present for myself.

Contemporary with a sense of history

The almost 200 years old design company Thonet is one exhibitors at Quibique, the Next Generation Tradeshow of Furniture and Design. Berlin October 26th – 29th.

Curios to see what this new fair is all about.

And dreams hang in the air…

I never had the urge to share my compassion/”sorrow” on the World Wide Web when prominent people (strangers) passed away. But I really felt sad when I learned this morning, that Steve Jobs had passed away.
Somehow I wanted to show my respect…

If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favour and spend fifteen minutes on watching this video where Steve talks about “Connecting the Dots”, “Love & Loss” and “Death” to the Stanford graduates back in 2005.

And then remember, it’s a wonderful life…

“Interior space and the people who live in it.”

Just discovered Apartamento down at do you read me while I was out for lunch. Could become an addiction.

“A magazine interested in homes, living spaces and design solutions as opposed to houses, photo ops and design dictatorships.”

Photos via website.

You got a spare room?

What I wouldn’t give to move into Helmut Newton’s universe…*dreaming*. Just for one day.

But I’ll have to settle for the book. And the exhibition that runs until November.

I like this one better

From Torstraße Asian Lebensmittel shop

More about Berlin

German online/offline mag Style and the Family Tunes celebrates the release of their newest print issue tomorrow night at the Project Room.

*Update: Check out Berlin Art Link‘s feature (studio visit) on the man behind the Magazine, Jaybo Monk.

In case you are unenlightened, they write about music, culture, fashion, news & views with a global perspective but focus on Berlin.

Photos from website

Beyond electronic gadgets

Appearantly Apple extended their product portfolio. Probably based on a growing demand in Prenzlauerberg (where I took this photo).

Perfect moped music