Explore or Expire!

I started a Google+ page and will share my urban exploring tips there for now – hope you will stop by to get tips for special events, restaurants, bar hopping, book recommendations, art stimulation and more in Berlin and beyond!

PS. EXPLORE OR EXPIRE. My new motto. makes total sense, right?

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Still here!

Admitted, a full time job didn’t blend well with documenting my urban exploring here on the blog. Hence the passive blogging over the last 1,5 years.
And (after having quit my job in June to freelance again) I’m still contemplating about the future of blog.uduak.org.

If you still want your dose of Uduak Moments I share some on my Instagram account (@anuduakmoment). Or you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (na, not too active there either). You can also connect on LinkedIn, Xing or even listen to what I listen to via Soundcloud. Yup, plenty of platforms for stalking…

Here is a silly-happy Uduak Moment from my trip of the year (decade?) – Burning Man.


Меня зовут “Lise”

Appearantly it can’t get cold enough if you ask me – since I’m willingly going to Moscow on Thursday.

Though I have a fair reason. I’m going to LuxuryHITS a “Luxury and High Interior” trade show to talk about Pop-Up restaurants and mainly about my work with Pret A Diner.

A new world is awaiting. There’s been some talk about a caviar tasting in a penthouse apartment and visiting spectacular event location. Dum-di-dum, we’ll see.

I’ll report…or not…I mean, some stuff might be classified.

Here I am. If you read Russian. If not do not dispair…here is the english version.









People? Where?

Looking on my instagram account I just noticed that I have very few people on my pictures.

I do actually meet people in everyday life. Yes! And I have one or two friends as well. Seems I’m just much more interested in taking pictures of food and places. Hmm. Ok. Will make an effort to share people too – those who are keen on being shared.


The Uduak Iberian cuisine

Seems food (at least some) just taste better when closer to equator.

Have to admit my diet in Ibiza, due to high temperatures, mainly consisted of gazpacho and “melón y jamòn”. But since not entirely here are some photos of what I ate and drank.









Healthy paleo lifestyle meets ear candy escapades

A documentation of a couple of the events that filled my last weekend.

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Went for an early morning run.

Got high on water

Went to a birthday party at an amazing location at the water

Had a dance or two at an open air

Rumanian Puma got hungry

Baked paleo buns (recipe inspiration here – sorry, Danish)

Tale of Us delivering ear candy.

No need to buy a city guide

CeeCee is one of my favourite newsletters. They send outstanding Berlin insider tips every Thursday straight to your in-box (after you sign up on their website).

And I recently discovered they have a Google Map with a complete overview over all the spots in the city they’ve written about so far.

Website. Map.

Vis Cee Cee på et større kort

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Explorers in the world of music

Do you know the difference between a regular musician and one who thinks outside the box in terms of creating a unique sound and ambience?
This video clearly displays the latter in my humble opinion. Fascinating!

Have to get my hands on Piramida when released in September by Danish band Efterklang, that I mentioned once before.

Solid work!

© Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Urban exploring for Danish Elle

Elle Denmark asked me to share some tips for the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. Sure!

Even if you don’t understand Danish the article links to German/English sites.
Hope you like!

Screenshot from www.elle.dk

Roadtrippin to Poznan.

I went on a road trip to Poznan, Poland last weekend. Maybe you didn’t know but I’m the official lead groupie of Sylwia van der Wonderland. Sort of.

She had a gig in her hometown so I and my two fellow groupies jumped in the car with her and did some multicultural exploring (multi-kulti since we were four nationalities).

Here are some of the pictures. See more on my Facebook page.
Conclusion? We want more road trips!

Queens of the back seat. Miss Wonderland and me

Our house

Polish imbiss meal. Köstlich!

At the Poznan version of the Berlin Badeschiff

Me and the American

Poznan loves pølser too.


An Uduak Moment

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