“Gesundheitsfördende Gerichte” (and beverages full of e-numbers).

As mentioned in my “Bike ride der Kulturen” post I made a spontaneous stop at Korea Haus last Sunday.

My friend Ami already went (she ditched our date) but her feedback (that I respect since she’s been travelling in Korea and is as passionate an eater as I am) came out less positive. Not “bad” it just wasn’t the best Korean she’s had had in Berlin – she mentioned another place but of course I forgot the name: Ami what was it?

– cause I’m pretty curios cause I thought the food was YUMMY! I had the tofu teriyaki if anyone is interested. And some sort of cinnamon/ginger/kaki drink from a can. Sure it’s full of e-numbers but it tasted devine!

“Bikeride der Kulturen” continued.

Thanks for your patience, here’s the 2nd round of photos.

Alte Manier…wonder what this place is up to at night.

Allotment garden in Wedding. When in a sentimental mood, I dream of one.

The Wedding kind of fountain. Here’s what they can afford in Mitte.

Finally made it to Korea Hause – more pictures soon!

I was too full for desert but randomly passed by a Turkish children’s festival.

In Danish you say “green is good for the eyes”

“Bikeride der Kulturen”. Tbc.

Instead of joining the yearly increasing masses at Karneval der Kulturen yesterday I decided to take Victor for a spin and headed towards Plötzensee to do some exploring.

I teased the pictures yesterday on my page. Here’s the first round of snapshots of things that caught my attention along the way.

Old railway bridge.

Kirchhof der französischen Gemeinde.

Bayer Schering in Müllerstraße.


Aaaah, summer is here!


Pretty balconies in Wedding.

…stay tuned for the rest.

Colourful stains on various shades of grey.

Just came back to Berlin after a splendid time in London. Took loooaaads of pictures. Will spare you and not post them all but here’s the first round of snapshots – some of the few colourful elements I spotted in a London greyer than grey.

Fish in a Meat District

Waiting for a place like Fiskebaren in Berlin.

Good product, sense of aesthetics and loving what you do = success.

Photos via the amazing Selby. More here.

“The learned is happy, nature to explore; The fool is happy, that he knows no more”

*Alexander Pope.

I love to be reminded how many remarkable places there are in the world – so much more out there, yet to explore.

I just came about Where Is This over at Spejlvendt. A lot of the sites have been located by knowledgable readers, others you might know the location of?

Here is an amazing 360° degrees version.

Berlin inside

Saw this mini poster on a light pole a couple of weeks ago.

Timed with the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week Liganova (in cooperation with Berlin magazine “TRAFFIC – News to-go”) launched the latest edition of the seasonal Berlin Inspires guide.

“Local heroes” from the fields of fashion, design, art, media and culture share their insider tips on where to go and what to see.

€6,95. Get it here (and as App from 16.01.)

The playground of imagination.

Surreal. Definately on the upper half of my travel wish list.
Las Pozas, the work of British dandy Edward James in the jungle of Mexico.

“Sleep is the best meditation.”

According to Dalai Lama. I doubt that even he would be able to meditate at Propeller Island City Lodge – though some rooms look more made for sleeping that others.


A post with a whiff

Sort of. Use your imagination. The Botanic Garten in Berlin. Get out there. Smell those plants – actually it’s not just the smell I love it’s the unique – somewhat humid – green house air, too.

And I never thought I’d say this but they have quite an interesting program in May; Bonsai trees, creative writing, Berliner Kakteen Tage…maybe I should get out more?

Signs of history

Once a brewery, then zerstört, later a sport venue and now partly a hotel.

Böhmisches Brauhaus has been through a lot.

A townhouse rental

“Hidden” in a court yard in Kastanienallee. Remise Berlin

Photos by me