Because fashion is a record on repeat

I don’t think a little retro charm would harm the world of skateboarding, do you?

Maybe a bit of wardrobe consulting for the sporty outfits in general wouldn’t be too off. For example when you see Vogue’s take on which world cup look to pair your Nikes with. Though I’m sure few people mind Gisele Bündchen sporting a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths with … nothing (easy styling job for Emmanuelle Alt).


Pictures via 9gag.

The place to be. If you’re a “flee” (-a).

Because I say so! – going to Platoon Kunsthalle for the first time tomorrow and not just for a regular visit but to actually sell some of my clothes and jewellery. Of course all very exclusive pieces so you totally have to come and make a good deal.

- or just hang out and chat and listen to nice music.

Bonus: the amazing Sylwia van der Wonderland aka Vonda 7 is selling her stuff too. If not to buy something you should at least come to get her autograph cause she is gonna be BIG like the day after tomorrow.

Event info HERE.

And this is the nicest flea market soundtrack ever.

“Harder than the rest!”

I had a meeting today in a part of West Berlin where I have never been before and was thrilled to discover this little gem of a shop full of American vintage pieces.

I fell a little bit in love with this red leather jacket but decided that I would be happier in the long run adding those €90 to my winter coat budget (was that too grown up?).

Anyways, pay Objects D’art a visit! Plenty to explore! (The blogpost title was the “slogan” on the store stamp).

Objetcs D’art
Gervinusstraße 15, D-10629 Berlin
Mo. – Fr. 13-17.30
Sa. 12-16

Little vintage treasures

I stop by Memory in Schwedterstraße now and then when I walk past within their opening hours and I always find something there I want.


The other day I gave in to my urge to spend møneys and bought a fine, fine pair of black Pollini pumps. €20. Who would think twice??

Stop by the next time you’re in the area! Unique mix of small furniture pieces, fashion, accessories and deco stuff.






Urban exploring for Danish Elle

Elle Denmark asked me to share some tips for the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week. Sure!

Even if you don’t understand Danish the article links to German/English sites.
Hope you like!

Screenshot from

Culinary world trip in Wedding. Part I

Finally made it to Da Baffi on Saturday. Accompanied by the foxy Miss Sonnichsen (and later on die Hübsche too).

Very recommendable indeed! The atmosphere was even more charming than the photos I’ve seen. Lots of unique details that made it all come together beautifully.

And the food! Unfortunately my stomach is not so keen on pasta anymore but it got overruled when I read the magic words “ravioli…ricotta…tartufo…burro e salvia”. Sage butter heaven!

Of course my phone died 5 min after I arrived so no pictures but I did capture my next target to explore on my way to Da Baffi: Korea Haus.

Was intrigued by the impression I got when walking by and as I googled it yesterday I realized it has been on my to-do list since I read about it on Kiezlage (an excellent Wedding blog).

Culinary world trip in Wedding Part I, check! – let’s see when Part II will be ready.

Joy from the bottom and up.

Somehow my mood is better when I wear colorful socks. You know what I mean?

Photos via Backyard Bill.

Let’s escape into the night!

After I went to this ball room birthday party last Friday (dresscode was something like “baroque with an animalistic twist) I’m hooked on costume balls – or just dressing over the top.

There’s a special ambience in a room full of men in Black Tie and women in baroque dresses, luxury label couture, big wigs and all wearing masks. Of course the setting has to be right too – it was.

Maybe the forecasted finacial crisis and the never ending lectures on “how to be a decent citizen, taking social responsibility” will lead to “nocturnal escapism”.

“- it’s short for Vera Gottliebe Anna Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort.”

Veruschka. German model, actress, and artist.

“If you want reality, take the bus”

Haven’t been to MADE since the opening last year so it’s about time to return. Two great screenings coming up by the end of this week. I’m up for David!

It’s getting bigger, isn’t it?

I made it to Bread and Butter for a few hours last Thursday. As with the last two times: Impressive what they are able to create! The fair just keeps growing.

A summer ode to MM

1.000 kisses to the DJ who plays this song tonight!

Off to the Weekday store opening or Designer Scouts at .HBC or Bright Bar or the WeSC BBQ or the Cheap Monday party … who decides, you decide?