Are we shaved?

If you can’t make people talk about your collection, you can make them talk about your show. Like the strategy!

Use a couple of Body Builders instead of just regular models. Have a guy guy with a sack barrow drive them onto the catwalk. Let one carry a glass box with snails. Show a bit of skin. Spice it all up with tight techno.

It worked for Patrick Mohr when he presented his jeans collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week under the title “Are we shaved?”. Rumour has it he had some even freakier things in mind but Benz wouldn’t allow it.

Better late than never

Impressions from the Designerscouts event at .HBC during fashion week. Kudos for an event created only by passionate volunteers.

Meet Celia

Met this charming girl at the B&B presslounge last week. Celia from Switzerland.

Like a warm summer breeze

Soft pastels and delicate fabrics, dreamy tunes and elegant models with gold, glittery lips opened Stine Goya‘s show at Bebelplatz on Saturday. A welcome getaway from the inhuman weather outside!

Like fall follows summer, autumnal colors and thicker textures accompanied the light design. The show was like a journey through seasons, where I would love to wear every piece of the collection.

Photos below from Mercedes Benz’s homepage. See more outfits HERE.

A shining (g-) star

Was quite impressed by G-STAR’s official show at BREAD & BUTTER. A great trumpet intro by Colin Benders from Kyteman followed by a dynamic choreography with somewhat 35 models.

Head of design, Pierre Morisset, appeared on stage for an applause and after 2 minutes of band set-up Kyteman gave a high power performance as a part of the afterparty.

Brot und Butter, 2nd round

More photos from the B&B opening…

Let’s go below

Adidas threw the launch party of their Star Wars collection on Thursday in a super fine underground (literally ) location in Friedrichshain.

Kudos for the two jazz band performances (tracklist included the Star Wars sound track) which was a neat change from the endless electronic tunes during FW – even coming from me, who is an electronic music maniac.

My friend Ana the gamegirl told me to snatch a pair of Han Solo sneakers if I saw any in a size 37. Sorry baby, they were too big.

Also check out the PHOTOS from the launch of the ZX8000 Limited Edition at the NO74 store on Thursday.

1st round


Now down to 350 photos from Fashion Week and still sorting. Here are a few shots from the Bread & Butter opening party. LOVED the design: western meets 50es rockabilly meets German Beergarten. Perfectly close to being kitsch!

Remember there were some issues at last summer’s party at Columbiahalle (sound, staff etc) but they clearly had everything under control this time!

Fantastic costumes and in-between-show like a striptease and a woman doing tricks on a rope – is there a word for that?

Fine music by The Boss Hoss, camera case on my friend David who writes the DANDY DIARY blog and pretty ladies.

….more photos to come

Inside out

– is how I feel. Hardcore week! Final countdown with the Stine Goya Show later today and maybe a Fashion Week closing party. There are a few to choose from.

I NEED a proper rave (as soon as I catch up on my sleep). Enough fashion!! I dream of Panorama on a Sunday, lost in a mindblowing techno set, wearing worn-out jeans, flat shoes and an old t-shirt, drinking beer and vodka shots.

Looking forward to my Italian liebling Marco Carola At WEEK:END on 04.02 and Zip + Villalobos at Panorama on 05.02.

If you’re up for a ride on the fashion track tonight, here are a few possible destinations:

  • FIN – FW closing party presented by DERZEIT und Numéro at L’Espace Blanc
  • WEEKDAY + Stine Goya Aftershow party at PICKNICK
  • Fashion Week Closing party at .HBC


I find the name a bit misleading but might be good? Luzia is also a nice place for a drink.

URBANEARS Pop up Store

The UNDPLUS guys are back! They’ve been asked by Bread & Butter to curate the art installation on the “1st Floor” at the fair, presenting artists NOMAD & ZASD.

Additionally there is an URBAN GALLERY STORE at the BBB’ 1ST FLOOR area where you can get artwork by Mark Gonzales, Stash, MyMo, Nomad, Alex Flach, Lukas Feireiss, Stefan Schuster, Paul Snowden, R.K.D.U and others.

For those of you not going to BREAD&BUTTER check out the URBANEARS POP-UP STORE in Torstraße 66. Opening reception on Wednesday, January 20th, 18:00-22:00.

This summer’s accessory

I know….summer seems so far away. Longing so bad! But on the bright side: plenty of time to practise for these body/face paintings! – cause some look pretty complicated.

I think it would be a GREAT accessory. Not permanent like a tattoo….cheap….all you need is a set of crayons, some patience and maybe a partner to help you unless you are hyper flexible.

By the way, I seem to have left my party mood somewhere last week. Just can’t remember where? “Hey, I was at your club last week and I think I lost my party mood there. Did anybody hand it in?”