Brits = crackers & chocolate

Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin have created maps of countries and continent with food that they found representable for the regions, “a playful representation of our interpretation of food from around the world.”

I don’t know about you but I would be slightly offended if my country was depicted as dry crackers and milk chocolate. On the other hand maybe that displays the Brits quite well?
So I wonder which iconic regional foods would represent Denmark? Maybe thanks to René Redzepi it would be a tasty medley of herbs & greens, Nordic berries, fresh fish and farm-raised beef. I’d prefer that over the conclusion one could come to after reading a recent article in the economist. Then it would be bacon. Not that I don’t like bacon.

Food Map Britain

food map by Henry Hargreaves 2

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Photos by Henry Hargreaves.

Making of video:

Rendez Vous in Mainhatten

I used to go to Kuchi alot. Then I got to know Nam. And more importantly his food vision and philosophie. So now I always go to DUDU. He did use to work at Kuchi though so there is a certain connection.

While in Frankfurt I had the time to visit the newly opened Moriki (the owners are business partners of Kofler & Kompanie where I work btw) and turns out they have a partnership with Berlin sushi institution Kuchi.

Very tasty food and a mouthwatering menu – very big selection both for lunch and dinner. Went for the best friends roll of course. And did feel like we were BFF indeed. Lasted till the last bite. Though I do prefer my sushi with a bit less sauce. But all friends come with flaws.

Looking forward to test the dinner menu on my next visit to the Main-metropolis.




Last weekend’s culinary highlights

Though there are many traps Berlin is truly rich when it comes to food exploring. It’s a hard choice between keep going back to the places you love and where you know what to expect and to be adventurous and try new ones.

Made the jump two times in one day this weekend and first had a delicious bouillabaisse with a just a delicious glass of weißburgunder from Fischladen at the Armeniusmarkthalle in Moabit (the less trendy but definately worth a visit alternative to Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg).


And if you need a food cure for last night’s escapades the fish & chips will do wonders I imagine. Same dishes available at the in Schönhauser Allee!






Secondly a 4 course raw food menu in a very private setting by b.alive run by famed chef Boris Lauser. I loved the food (menu below) an got inspired to try out new combinations at home though the very intimate living room format didn’t really add value to the experience. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about new events.

Raw Food Cake b.alive


Haven’t made it to Mulax yet. Which is shame on me cause they always share very seductive dinner invitations.

They now want to bring back the Sonntagsbraten – you know how families would gather for a proper Sunday roast back in the days?

Well here’s what’s on the menu (sorry, too lazy to translate).
I’m unfortunately not in town but if you are here’s the event.

Wildkräutersalat, Anis-Joghurt-Dressing & Speckwürfel

Ruppiner Lammkeule, Röstkartoffeln, Speckbohnen & Jus


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Food & Faces

I knew there was something about Volker the first time I met him. He worked in BAERCK a wonderful store in Berlin Mitte back then. But I knew what connected us when I found out that he’s a self-taught chef and dedicated foodie (and besides that our fondness of spending Sundays in Panorama Bar).

Apart from having written and published a cook book already Volker now came up with his next great project “Food & Faces” [orig. "VOLKSSPEISUNG - Essen und Gesichter"]. He visits people in their homes, asks them to cook for him and then portraits them.

Here’s a sneak-peak of a recent session with a Majorcan (the German word for that is “mallorquinisch” – so beautiful!) fashion designer who studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and her German-born partner.

Feel free to send Volker an email on Facebook if you are curious to participate yourself.


Food for pro’s

Heard about The California Breakfast Slam from a couple of people before finally going after talking to James from überlin.

I have to be honest and say I think the place is on the limit regarding cleanliness but the food is simply so tasty you close you’re eyes while chewing to get the full experience – problem solved.

Though I don’t eat gluten I have a weakness for french toast and after a french-toast-free year I decided to treat myself. What a treat! I’m sure it’s lethal if you’re not a pro.

Besides the toast the Mexican style breakfast plates are pure foodporn.

Now you know where to go this weekend.

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Where did time go?

Wow, didn’t realize I haven’t been posting here since November!

Hope you’ve been getting some updates on facebook or instagram #anuduakmoment.

Been über-busy in my new job for Kolfer & Kompanie planning marketing and pr for Pret A Diner.

The Grand Opening was yesterday. Hope you will grant us a visit over the next six weeks if you are in Berlin and feel like an extraordinary dining experience!






An Ass, a Fairy and a dead Celebrity

I’m still waiting for the next Pale Blue Door appearance in Berlin. Did you go in 2012?

Once again the Londoners are the lucky ones. This menu is mouthwatering!

The apple has fallen!

Last minute notice but for those who are around visit Markthalle XI today or tomorrow for their apple market special.

It’s October, the season is on!Sorry, Che, we missed it…
“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” -Che Guevara

Looking for new recipes? Check out this awesome raw apple pie.

Can you eat cats?

Well, I would eat at Katies Blue Cat every day. Discovered it recently when checking out CeeCee’s map, looking for a cafe near by my office and I’m a fan of their baking skills when it comes to gluten free cakes and cookies.

Coffee is good too! – from Bonanza Coffee heroes.

The Uduak Iberian cuisine

Seems food (at least some) just taste better when closer to equator.

Have to admit my diet in Ibiza, due to high temperatures, mainly consisted of gazpacho and “melón y jamòn”. But since not entirely here are some photos of what I ate and drank.









Culinary magic in your own kitchen

Well, maybe there’s magic going on every day but I still think this is an event worth sharing: the Kitchensurfing Chef Fair, a four day event where twelve extraordinary chefs will create intimate dining experiences in private homes across Berlin.

Four of the chefs

Have a look on the website – sign up as a host or register to buy tickets once they launch!

I came to think of it after another lunch feast at Chaparro today since Raul who runs the place is one of the participating chefs.