Better hair for DJs and why they don’t talk about pants

I recently met Mano Le Tough at Panorama and instead of talking about music we talked about hair. Quite important for a dj, I guess – no need to talk about pants. Nobody sees them anyway.

So since he liked my hair I recommended Robert of course. I’ve been a faithful customer for almost six years and wouldn’t dream of cheating.

If you need a new hairdo you now know where to go.

So Mano, I’m excited to see the result when we meet again.

Because it’s Friday here’s some Irish s(t)imulation.

You want me to pray but I don’t pray that way.

Going here on Thursday. And very excited! I’d actually hadn’t heard of Nitzer Ebb till Terence told me about this project. And I remember he looked at me in a way that implied there was a big gap in my musical education.

But now I know and here we go!

“…where art, design, fashion, and culture meet in a whirlwind of hedonism”.

- taken from the intro text about “Come On In My Kitchen”. An assemblage of images and texts describing the last 13 years of “Robert Johnson”, one of Germany’s most renowned nightclubs, located in Frankfurt.

Contributors like dj’s/producers Roman Flügel, DJ Harvey, Theo Parrish, Ewan Pearson and artist Tobias Rehberger.


- always excided to extend my German vocabulary! Vergnügungsetablissement is a new favorite.

Im sure New Years Eve was something special here back in the days. Way back in the days.

More to come on nightclubs in 1930´s Berlin…

The Vergnügungsetablissement “Eldorado” on the corner of Motz- and Kalckreuthstraße.

Anti special treatment vs. micro disguise

I love when a venue builds a world around the brand….the road to success.

FREAKSHOW No.1 at Staggerlee

My poor translation:
For every Laiendarsteller (what’s the English word?) and big city performer.
Dresscode = be strange
» Minimalverkleidungspflicht « (third eye, twelfth finger, limp leg, bad hair, evil accent…)

This I can’t translate
+ Moustache Zwirbelkurs
+ Trashfunk und Pimmelpunk aus den Boxen
+ Hahnenschwanz im Glas

Happy Hour -> Buy 2 get 1 (I guarantee there’s excellent mixology going on!)

Tonight, 21h – ?

Entrance with guest list €10, without free.

Copenhagen Malaka in Berlin

Kristian is spinning records with Argy, Stassi and the other Greek malakäen on Wednesday at Watergate. Expect it to be dødslækkert!

Send me a mail if you want list. Got a few spots to give away.


“That gum you like is going to come back in style”

For the Twin Peaks fans amongst you: Kleine Reise celebrates in best “Red Room” style tonight.

Easy costume: wrap you head in plastic, use some of that glitter left over from the Bar 25 season, grease up your hair and you’re good to go!

Phil’s work

Phillipp‘s presenting his work for Rub Addiction at the Bordel des Arts event on Friday. Expect something skurril – in a really, really good way!

Where: Mohrenstraße 30
When: Friday, 21:00

Previous work:

Men in a cave. With music

This used to be my roommate’s “desk”. The guys moved out of their old studio last month to build a new one in Kreuzberg.

The things that this desk has seen (…). I think, a music studio is like a man cave. Holy land. And women are not really allowed. Only on special occasions.

Facing the Sun by Fritz Kalkbrenner. Out on 01.10.10!

Don’t miss Fritz’s release party at Watergate on Wednesday!

Back in colors

Farbfernseher is back after the summer break. Tonight: Special birthday celebration for the spunky ones. Starts at 20:00; Ends when you have to leave for work on Wednesday.

Tim Sargent
Gareth Williams
Diandre Langlais
Mark Henning
Martin Dawson

A night in the wild west

Champagne because why not
Kino the Astor way
Long noses and skinny legs
Travelling to the moon
French Martini en allemand
Making a promise to Kumpelnest

Photos from Victoria Bar


Âme and Len Faki at the Berghain Garten tomorrow. There is no way that can go wrong. Not even if it’s raining.