Celebrating my Danish roots

This song might be a bit too melancholic for the season – and the weather as of today in Berlin – but none the less I wanted to pay tribute to the record label Fake Diamond (2006) and one of their artists Giana Factory.

They have a constantly growing roster of some of the most interesting and successful bands and solo artists in Denmark – a beautiful medley of the most different musical directions with Oh Land being the first artist to be signed on to a major deal with Epic Records.

Downtown Copenhagen feeling

Need some funky, cheasy uptimistic music? This track by Laid Back will do the trick.

While we’re at it continue with this mix by Monkey Safari (incl. uptimistic intro)

I’ve fallen in love!

And it was about time, I tell you. Been far too long since I’ve really, really loved a song. But this was love at first listen.

Thanks to ex-roomie Johnjon and his partner in crime Chopstick I once again have a play.pause.repeat track.

You can get it here if you’re as smitten as I am. The Pining Moon EP is out since three weeks. Full album ‘TWELVE’ (SUOLCD009) on Friday!

Soundtrack for the season

Hannes Fischer does a great job on catching the mode of a lazy, frisk fall day through his latest remixes.
More on his Soundcloud.

Up all night to get lucky

Danced through my place this morning, heard it on repeat to work and been humming it ever since. Looking forward to the full album that will be out in May!

Daft Punk “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

My kind of POP

No argue that the Swedes are the Scandinavian masters of Pop music. BUT Panamah is doing quite a good job in producing easy digestible ear candy.

Sounds like warm summer night, rosé buzz and sentimental best friends happy dancing.

Better hair for DJs and why they don’t talk about pants

I recently met Mano Le Tough at Panorama and instead of talking about music we talked about hair. Quite important for a dj, I guess – no need to talk about pants. Nobody sees them anyway.

So since he liked my hair I recommended Robert of course. I’ve been a faithful customer for almost six years and wouldn’t dream of cheating.

If you need a new hairdo you now know where to go.

So Mano, I’m excited to see the result when we meet again.

Because it’s Friday here’s some Irish s(t)imulation.

A gift: from one tropical troubadour to another

This smooth track reminds me of hot, “in-love-with-life” days at the pool/beach in Summer. So close your eyes and join the trip.

FRENCH EXPRESS is kind enough to give it away for free cause as they say:

“Tropical troubadours incessantly believe that one should never be without his or her’s fix of feel good, so this one’s on us. The crusade goes on, and with such, comes “Got Somebody” by Moon Boots.”

Download here.

The place to be. If you’re a “flee” (-a).

Because I say so! – going to Platoon Kunsthalle for the first time tomorrow and not just for a regular visit but to actually sell some of my clothes and jewellery. Of course all very exclusive pieces so you totally have to come and make a good deal.

- or just hang out and chat and listen to nice music.

Bonus: the amazing Sylwia van der Wonderland aka Vonda 7 is selling her stuff too. If not to buy something you should at least come to get her autograph cause she is gonna be BIG like the day after tomorrow.

Event info HERE.

And this is the nicest flea market soundtrack ever.

Stay in place, travel in space

Soso, jaja… tried to come up with a clever title that fits this post and kind of failed. It should describe how, when you hear certain music, you go to another place, though physically stuck. Like when I close my eyes and listen to music I heard while on Ibiza, I’m taken back immediately.

Hey little sister shot gun

So much other stuff to do that creating blogposts these days.

But here’s some ear candy while we wait. Speaker on max and get that dark groove on!

PS. Sister coming to town next week. Love!

Explorers in the world of music

Do you know the difference between a regular musician and one who thinks outside the box in terms of creating a unique sound and ambience?
This video clearly displays the latter in my humble opinion. Fascinating!

Have to get my hands on Piramida when released in September by Danish band Efterklang, that I mentioned once before.

Solid work!

© Rasmus Weng Karlsen