Bloody weather!

While bunch of my friends are on their way to the cinema to watch This it it, I’m stuck in bed with plenty of tissues, Otrivin (thank you, person who invented nose spray!!) and a ginger/lemon/honey mixture.

While I sometimes find the Internet the enemy of efficiency (for being the worst source to procrastination of all) I would like to give thanks not only to the inventor of nose spray but also to Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee for creating the World Wide Web. Time does pass faster when surfing various sites of more or less useful information.

Right now I’m looking for new music and one of my next buys will definately be Großstadtmärchen by Oliver Koletzski. Until recently he was in the same studio as my flat mate so that’s how I became familiar with his work about two years ago.

A great album with melancholic elektro pop songs (with a dash of house and a touch of techno) perfect for this time of year. Imagine myself in a car, Hypnotized on…music loud, driving through Berlin at night. Man, I wish I had a car. Especially since it’s starting be be pret-ty cold outside.

Also check out Oliver dj’ing if you get the chance. Mighty good!


Did you get lucky?

On November 5th MTV is hosting the European Music Awards here in Berlin. I will probably be at the show in 02 World but lots of other events are happening too.

For example U2 is giving a free concert at Brandenburger Tor, organised by MTV. Ticket registration was yesterday and of course tickets where gone in no time. Hope some of you got lucky!! More on the whole MTV row here

Picture from the 360° Tour

The future of Danish music

One of the reasons for my recent stay in Copenhagen was to meet with Den Rytmiske Tænketank (“The Rythmic Thinktank”). A group of people from the Danish music business, who have developed a proposal for a more strategic approach to music, on both a national and international level.

The Thinktank members all work in the music business (producers, label managers, musicians, venue owners etc.) and have been meeting with professionels from other businesses and industries to get their input and perspective. Quite a comprehensive project that has been going on for a little less than a year.

Last Friday the Thinktank passed on the baton at a big conference co-organised with big players from the music business and the Ministry of Culture. An interesting day with presentations/speeches, debates and a couple of life performances with i.a Kenneth Bager and newcomer Vinnie Who. Fourteen proposals categorised under Music Wxport, The Digital Revolution, Financing, Live Performances and Growth were presented during the day.

The next step: Turning the proposals into tangible ideas/initiatives that can be implemented and executed through funding from the private and public sector. Which is were I come in. More on that soon, I hope.


Links to more information on the Thinktank – only in Danish unfortunately

If I were…

…in Berlin on Monday I would go to Yellow Lounge in Berghain and listen to Fauré Quartett and Mojca Erdmann. Together with Berghain residents Canisius & McLyntock they perform classical interpretations of rock and pop songs while Pfadfinderei do visuals. Great Monday night entertainment.

Starts at 21:00, Entrance is €6,00

Yellow lounge

Concert at Berghain

No clubbing tonight just a concert at Berghain where a friend of mine, Dj Naughty / Filippo Moscatello is perfoming with the Capital Dance Orchestra, singer Simon Marlow and The Puppetmastaz. I watched/heard them perform once before and LOVED it so I’m quite excited. Also the venue is amazing of course

Concert starts at 21:00 and the ticket is € 18,00. Of course the price includes the right to party in Berghain all night long afterwards.

Billede 28