It’s Claudja with a “j”.

Here’s an ode to dj’s for being the ones who remind us of music we forgot existed or introducing us to new tunes, that make a dull January sky seem a bit brighter.

Thank you Christian d’Or for the reminder.

Thank you Dixon for the introduction.

Bjørn Torske – Nitten Nitti (Harvey´s Not Normal Mix) by smalltownsupersound

Photo by me.

“If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance”

With the weekend around the corner I wanted to share this “I just can’t help but dance”-set by Richy Ahmed (and a naked Pamela).

Happy Weekend!

Richy Ahmed – Ibiza Voice Podcast by gbijlmakers
Download via Ibiza Voice

Slow down and breathe

Most of the music I post belongs to the energy kicker category but here’s one for the contemplative state of mind.

That makes you feel like a minute contains more than 60 seconds.

Obviously (as a new wave fan) Tuxedomoon’s In a Manner of Speaking is a given power ballad on my meditative soundtrack.

For a slightly more sensual feeling go for this cover by Nouvelle Vague.

Danish femme in Berlin.

No, not talking about me. Agnes Obel.

Obviously a good combination. Denmark and Berlin.

“Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance.”

Mr. Miyagi, The Next Karate Kid, 1994

This track and more via Rampa ear candy here

Mayn, I know now, this is what I have been waiting for!

– A Cameo theme party! Lau and Robert, this is for you!

More random happiness on rainy days.

You know the old saying: “There’s no such things as bad weather, only bad clothes”. I’d extend it to “There’s no such things as bad weather, only bad attitude”.

Listening to awesome music when riding my bike, makes the rain a little less wet.

And dreams hang in the air…

I never had the urge to share my compassion/”sorrow” on the World Wide Web when prominent people (strangers) passed away. But I really felt sad when I learned this morning, that Steve Jobs had passed away.
Somehow I wanted to show my respect…

If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favour and spend fifteen minutes on watching this video where Steve talks about “Connecting the Dots”, “Love & Loss” and “Death” to the Stanford graduates back in 2005.

And then remember, it’s a wonderful life…

Beach soundtrack.

On my playlist while away…

Because I can’t help dancing.

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To break the silence.

“The dawn of a new era and more to come.”

A proper way to start a Monday. I’m blown away (get it?) by this track from Laid Back.

My fellow countrymen belong to the fine breed of brilliant musicians who made music for the 2000-ten’s back in the eighties.

Kudos to DJ Agneska for introducing this track to me.

*Go to Youtube to read Laid Back’s own introduction of the track.