Muted silver in color

Just found that as a synonym to “grey”. “Muted silver”. I like that!

Anywho, I think the weekend is coming up? I’m saying I think cause I’m in this holiday state of mind where I loose track of what day it is. Yes, it’s okay if you’re jealous.

This Friday’s “the weekend is coming up song” is this unplugged version of A Forest – a favorite solid energy kicker whether the sky is “muted silver in color” or the sun is shining.

Just a reminder…

T-shirts and t-shirts and boards and beers

Join the launch of Dudes Factory‘s 4th collection, designed by the french artist Mc Bess (Matthieu Bessudo).

…because you like the art work, because the beers are free (the reason why 99% of youngsters in Mitte go to vernissages), because there’s a street concert or just because you like Arnaud – he is a really nice guy!

Wednesday Aprilm 6th. Vernissage at 17:00, concert at 19:00

Torstraße 138 – right next to DUDU.

Destined to be a star

What else with a name like that? Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef. A German actress, writer and chanson singer.

Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?

Back from a weekend in the mountains of Austria. Here’s an ode to Falco…

New York, ice cream, TV, travel, good times

Nice stuff was made in 1982. This song and ….me!

This is for a special Sunday. Prost!

This is the hand, the hand that takes

A political message back in 1982

The 2008 version by Berlin-based M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade

No more “Please Mr. Dj”

Stolen straight from today’s sugarhigh newsletter. The information about a “disco installation” at Sox Gallery in Oranienstraße.

I totally support the comeback of the jukebox. I had the idea to install one at an event at Pret A Diner but not every idea can come true and not every venue is fit for a jukebox.

Photo by Maxime Ballesteros

What else is new?

The definition of genius:
A genius is someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.

The definition of a musical genius:
Henrik Schwarz

Happy Friday!

That living room Panorama feeling

In my opinion, there are too many Facebook pages that are simply unnescessary. No added value in any way.
I’m very happy that somebody came up with Panorama Bar Music though.
Guests and staff posting songs from “last night’s/day’s party” = “more great music in my life” value + “day time party even on a Monday while working” feeling.

Today is Saturday

Once a Berliner

Iggy Pop. Back in the “Brian Eno – Iggy Pop – David Bowie vs Kraftwerk – Neu” days.