Melody in private chambers

Went to a little concert last night. Tiny actually. Thirty people on stools and couches in a private studio/appartment.

Probably the most intense, impassioned, vivid music experience I’ve ever had. And it wasn’t even my normal kind of music. Some jazz genre which I really wouldn’t know what is called.

The event gave me a couple of ideas….if you are a musician playing an instrument – or managing artists – feel free to get in touch.

– and merci Sebastian! **

Late nightin’

Not forgotten, only a bit lower on the list of priorities. Vorrübergehend natürlich!

Late night (all day) work music.

One for Dirk

Fine Friday

An appetite for Hunger

I mentioned Sophie Hunger once before. Now she’s playing at Lido this Saturday as part of her 2010 tour, presenting the latest album 1983.

Song from old album. Listen to new work on Myspace.

Everybody needs one …

Why don’t you just do it?

You know how dancing around to loud music in the morning while getting dressed can make your day so much better?

This multidisciplinary song also works at the gym, on the bike, for cleaning, while working and when dancin at TRUST.

– if you don’t share my taste in music put on your own. Hauptsache TANZEN!

The Friday tune

Looking back

Love this song. Full track here

Who cares about numbers anyway?

Does 1980 sound very 2010 or is it the other way around?

Get into gear

…easier said than done! At least these days. Bloody 15 degrees fik fak weather. This might help…

The Rookie Session

This Saturday at the Telekom store 4010 in Mitte. A bunch of Djs applied to showcase themselves at this event. Snowhite and Compost Records were the judges.

15.00 – 19:30. Free entrance, drinks and music.

Line Up:
15:00 – 16:30 DJ Mortron
16:30 – 18:00 DJ LaVie
18:00 – 19:30 DJ Jason Anger / WHITE

Check out today’s + tomorrow’s schedule as well!