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Wake up Call

Fall is here. Times are changing. It’s time to get back to blogging.
Don’t be a stranger!

Cheap laughs for the insiders

Stumbled upon this Tumblr and think it’s hilarious (maybe because I had 1,5 glas of rosé? Mmmm, let me know).

Some of you might have noticed these “humor in motion”-Tumblrs showing up lately. Like WhatShouldWeCallMe. Well, this one brings Berlin on the spot.

If you don’t live in Berlin maybe you’ll learn something new. Or not. But hopefully you will laugh.


(Thank you Julian for the tip)




Food & Faces

I knew there was something about Volker the first time I met him. He worked in BAERCK a wonderful store in Berlin Mitte back then. But I knew what connected us when I found out that he’s a self-taught chef and dedicated foodie (and besides that our fondness of spending Sundays in Panorama Bar).

Apart from having written and published a cook book already Volker now came up with his next great project “Food & Faces” [orig. "VOLKSSPEISUNG - Essen und Gesichter"]. He visits people in their homes, asks them to cook for him and then portraits them.

Here’s a sneak-peak of a recent session with a Majorcan (the German word for that is “mallorquinisch” – so beautiful!) fashion designer who studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and her German-born partner.

Feel free to send Volker an email on Facebook if you are curious to participate yourself.


Where did time go?

Wow, didn’t realize I haven’t been posting here since November!

Hope you’ve been getting some updates on facebook or instagram #anuduakmoment.

Been über-busy in my new job for Kolfer & Kompanie planning marketing and pr for Pret A Diner.

The Grand Opening was yesterday. Hope you will grant us a visit over the next six weeks if you are in Berlin and feel like an extraordinary dining experience!






People? Where?

Looking on my instagram account I just noticed that I have very few people on my pictures.

I do actually meet people in everyday life. Yes! And I have one or two friends as well. Seems I’m just much more interested in taking pictures of food and places. Hmm. Ok. Will make an effort to share people too – those who are keen on being shared.


Let us be kids!

I’ve always fancied Oliver Rath for his provocative pictures but I’m especially impressed by his project “Lasst Uns Kind Sein”.
In September Rath flew to Togo with the Team from the “RTL charity marathon” to document the project but also created a number of children portraits. Here are some of the photos. See the rest here.

The charity? He collected around €10.000 that will be used to finance an eye clinic in Lome.

A gift: from one tropical troubadour to another

This smooth track reminds me of hot, “in-love-with-life” days at the pool/beach in Summer. So close your eyes and join the trip.

FRENCH EXPRESS is kind enough to give it away for free cause as they say:

“Tropical troubadours incessantly believe that one should never be without his or her’s fix of feel good, so this one’s on us. The crusade goes on, and with such, comes “Got Somebody” by Moon Boots.”

Download here.

Do you feel lucky…punk?

It’s incredible how we “in the western world” (keeping in mind all the options of “sharing and caring”) seem to just live in a bubble – where we don’t even fully comprehend or appreciate our luck to be born, raised and to live in this part of the world.

And I say “we” because I’m ignorant myself. Well, I do support the homeless people hanging in front of my nearby Rewe and I let Unicef withdraw money from my account every month. Small things like that. Because it’s easy and requires a minimum of involvement – so I have time to browse blogs, attend “see and be seen”-events or go out for dinners in nice restaurants with friends. It’s like Ally McBeal (if you remember that tv-show) once replied when she was asked “why are your problems so much bigger than everybody else’s?” “Because they’re mine”. Simple as that.

Well, the ambition to act must be the first step and then “action” will follow. And awareness plays an important role. So I’m glad that people like the ones behind Lakino make an effort to communicate stories we would otherwise not hear. Maybe then we will start to say “I must do something” instead of the passive version “Something must be done.”

So this Thursday I’m off to Lakino‘s Human Rights night for a short educational trip. The 5 day movie festival at Babylon in Mitte presents selected work relating to seven topics and a “best of” category. The experience might not instantly “break my bubble” but maybe it’ll expand it.

More information on the website.


Trailer for one of the movies “The Invinsibles”.

Culinary magic in your own kitchen

Well, maybe there’s magic going on every day but I still think this is an event worth sharing: the Kitchensurfing Chef Fair, a four day event where twelve extraordinary chefs will create intimate dining experiences in private homes across Berlin.

Four of the chefs

Have a look on the website – sign up as a host or register to buy tickets once they launch!

I came to think of it after another lunch feast at Chaparro today since Raul who runs the place is one of the participating chefs.


Play girl, Play! On the Sunset Strip

If you ever wondered what was hot in the late 70es I can enlighten you! Just came across this editorial from Playgirl, June 1978 on sighs and whispers .

Photographs by Rick Strauss.

Mummy porn meets Stasi stories

Or should I say “versus”? I guess the title makes you wonder but I’m talking about some of my literary adventures this summer.

Inspired by a brief but intense encounter with an East-German surgeon (yes, sounds like this could relate to reading Fifty Shades of Grey aka mummy porn but no), I’m bringing Stasiland on my upcoming Ibiza-holiday.

I often feel like my relationships with Berlin is too “here and now” which is a real shame when there is so much history both “in our faces” and “between the lines”.

And about Fifty Shades of Grey…what to say? Think the sales numbers (+20 mio just in the States since April) speak for themselves.
The book got me interested in the classic pieces that I have yet to “explore” by Anaïs Nin, Marguerite Duras and George Batailles just to mention a few authors. Also, the Daily Beast made a list of modern “erotica bestsellers” if you need inspiration.

And speaking of literature the internationales literaturfestival berlin is coming up. While the publishers celebrate the return of erotic literature Byung-Chul Han is doing a speech on how in his opinion erotica has been replaced by porn.

For those of you who are getting red ears from all this erotica talk there’s plenty of more decent subject on the programme at the festival too.

Healthy paleo lifestyle meets ear candy escapades

A documentation of a couple of the events that filled my last weekend.

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Went for an early morning run.

Got high on water

Went to a birthday party at an amazing location at the water

Had a dance or two at an open air

Rumanian Puma got hungry

Baked paleo buns (recipe inspiration here – sorry, Danish)

Tale of Us delivering ear candy.