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Copenhagen, pretty in July. Part I

A few snapshots from Copenhagen … random stuff that caught my eye.

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Happy (drunken) students

My favorite chocolate of all “Toms Skildpadde”

I have a multi-ride ticket for life (and Tivoli – thanks MM!)

Most beautiful garden of all. Tivoli.

Sunday challenge – upside down

Sylwia aka Miss Disco doing her thing

Èn med det hele [one with everything] – referring to the hotdog or just used in general by Mr Black.

Oh, so full of love!

You know how they (OECD) say Danish people are the happiest in the world? Maybe because they’re (we’re?) so full of love.

I was in Copenhagen last weekend and love [kærlighed] was all around … cheese love, clean city love, real estate love, nørrebronx love.

More Copenhagen pics coming up.

Of course DJ Bobo always knew.

Roadtrippin to Poznan.

I went on a road trip to Poznan, Poland last weekend. Maybe you didn’t know but I’m the official lead groupie of Sylwia van der Wonderland. Sort of.

She had a gig in her hometown so I and my two fellow groupies jumped in the car with her and did some multicultural exploring (multi-kulti since we were four nationalities).

Here are some of the pictures. See more on my Facebook page.
Conclusion? We want more road trips!

Queens of the back seat. Miss Wonderland and me

Our house

Polish imbiss meal. Köstlich!

At the Poznan version of the Berlin Badeschiff

Me and the American

Poznan loves pølser too.


An Uduak Moment

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“Bikeride der Kulturen” continued.

Thanks for your patience, here’s the 2nd round of photos.

Alte Manier…wonder what this place is up to at night.

Allotment garden in Wedding. When in a sentimental mood, I dream of one.

The Wedding kind of fountain. Here’s what they can afford in Mitte.

Finally made it to Korea Hause – more pictures soon!

I was too full for desert but randomly passed by a Turkish children’s festival.

In Danish you say “green is good for the eyes”

“Bikeride der Kulturen”. Tbc.

Instead of joining the yearly increasing masses at Karneval der Kulturen yesterday I decided to take Victor for a spin and headed towards Plötzensee to do some exploring.

I teased the pictures yesterday on my page. Here’s the first round of snapshots of things that caught my attention along the way.

Old railway bridge.

Kirchhof der französischen Gemeinde.

Bayer Schering in Müllerstraße.


Aaaah, summer is here!


Pretty balconies in Wedding.

…stay tuned for the rest.

The door to the hidden lands.

Had dinner in a BEAUTIFUL flat earlier this week. Full of decorative objects and obscure details including this fantastic door leaning against the wall in the spacious kitchen.

See another photo here.


The old Batman movie from 1966 was running in the background in a bar where I went last night.

Amazing how the outfits look like nowadays’ Halloween costumes, the fight scenes like a kindergarten row and the backdrop and props like they’re all made of papier mâché. (Yet the Batcave cost $800,000.)

Simplicity is key.

And graphic outbursts like “ZLOTT!”, “ZOK, “KAPOW” make out the “icing on the cake”.

Batman nerds, go here.

Wise words of the day.

From Freunde von Freunden‘s visit at “Frankfurter Urgestein“ Ata’s.


“…where art, design, fashion, and culture meet in a whirlwind of hedonism”.

- taken from the intro text about “Come On In My Kitchen”. An assemblage of images and texts describing the last 13 years of “Robert Johnson”, one of Germany’s most renowned nightclubs, located in Frankfurt.

Contributors like dj’s/producers Roman Flügel, DJ Harvey, Theo Parrish, Ewan Pearson and artist Tobias Rehberger.

Do kiss and tell?

Lindsay Lohan. Terry Richardson. LOVE Magazine.