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And dreams hang in the air…

I never had the urge to share my compassion/”sorrow” on the World Wide Web when prominent people (strangers) passed away. But I really felt sad when I learned this morning, that Steve Jobs had passed away.
Somehow I wanted to show my respect…

If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favour and spend fifteen minutes on watching this video where Steve talks about “Connecting the Dots”, “Love & Loss” and “Death” to the Stanford graduates back in 2005.

And then remember, it’s a wonderful life…

Let’s escape into the night!

After I went to this ball room birthday party last Friday (dresscode was something like “baroque with an animalistic twist) I’m hooked on costume balls – or just dressing over the top.

There’s a special ambience in a room full of men in Black Tie and women in baroque dresses, luxury label couture, big wigs and all wearing masks. Of course the setting has to be right too – it was.

Maybe the forecasted finacial crisis and the never ending lectures on “how to be a decent citizen, taking social responsibility” will lead to “nocturnal escapism”.

Megacities….yea or nay?

If I were in Berlin during the upcoming internationales literaturfestival berlin (September 7th–17th) I would go listen to award winning author (and critic of the Chinese government) Liao Yiwu and Omar Akbar (former director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation) discuss the development of Chinese mega cities and urban atmospheres (on September 8th).

Topic: World of cities – Cities of the world. Urban realities

Here’s a short blog entry on Chinese megacity Chong Qing by Damian Carrington for The Guardian. A metropolis planned to take up a 16,000 sq mile urban area (geographically 26 times larger than Greater London) with a population of 42 million people(!). Scary!!

Apples turned into gold.

Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen is a great initiative that reduces food loss, supports local “farmers” and employs disabled people.

Basically, if you have apple trees in your garden, that provide more fruit that you can eat yourself, you can let them know and they’ll pick it up. The employees are disabled people or people from the “disadvantaged groups” of our society.

Also if your garden needs a loving hand, they offer to tend the garden as well.

More information on their website! Unfortunately only in German.

“Interior space and the people who live in it.”

Just discovered Apartamento down at do you read me while I was out for lunch. Could become an addiction.

“A magazine interested in homes, living spaces and design solutions as opposed to houses, photo ops and design dictatorships.”

Photos via website.

Not enough nudity

Summer is around the corner = more bare skin.
Uschi Obermeyer. Model, actress and 60′ies sex symbol.

A post with a whiff

Sort of. Use your imagination. The Botanic Garten in Berlin. Get out there. Smell those plants – actually it’s not just the smell I love it’s the unique – somewhat humid – green house air, too.

And I never thought I’d say this but they have quite an interesting program in May; Bonsai trees, creative writing, Berliner Kakteen Tage…maybe I should get out more?

“If you want reality, take the bus”

Haven’t been to MADE since the opening last year so it’s about time to return. Two great screenings coming up by the end of this week. I’m up for David!



Angel wings in x-berg

Spotted in Oranienstraße the other day.


Release of the second issue. On Wednesday. Info on FB page

5 € support fee.
No entrance under the age of 21.
No guest list. No V.I.P. treatment.

This is what I call a rubber duck

I’m off to the beach in a couple of hours. Yes, the beach! That’s the advantage of having parents that live 3 km from the ocean instead of inland Berlin.

Wish I had a rubber duck like this…or I have to get a rubber duck like this. MM, it’s like the super size of our disco ones!

(and what category do you give a post like this?? I chose “wellness”)