the berlin way

Last weekend’s culinary highlights

Though there are many traps Berlin is truly rich when it comes to food exploring. It’s a hard choice between keep going back to the places you love and where you know what to expect and to be adventurous and try new ones.

Made the jump two times in one day this weekend and first had a delicious bouillabaisse with a just a delicious glass of weißburgunder from Fischladen at the Armeniusmarkthalle in Moabit (the less trendy but definately worth a visit alternative to Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg).


And if you need a food cure for last night’s escapades the fish & chips will do wonders I imagine. Same dishes available at the in Schönhauser Allee!






Secondly a 4 course raw food menu in a very private setting by b.alive run by famed chef Boris Lauser. I loved the food (menu below) an got inspired to try out new combinations at home though the very intimate living room format didn’t really add value to the experience. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about new events.

Raw Food Cake b.alive

Healthy paleo lifestyle meets ear candy escapades

A documentation of a couple of the events that filled my last weekend.

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Went for an early morning run.

Got high on water

Went to a birthday party at an amazing location at the water

Had a dance or two at an open air

Rumanian Puma got hungry

Baked paleo buns (recipe inspiration here – sorry, Danish)

Tale of Us delivering ear candy.

No need to buy a city guide

CeeCee is one of my favourite newsletters. They send outstanding Berlin insider tips every Thursday straight to your in-box (after you sign up on their website).

And I recently discovered they have a Google Map with a complete overview over all the spots in the city they’ve written about so far.

Website. Map.

Vis Cee Cee på et større kort

Berlin on a watercolour canvas

I used to paint and sketch a lot while still in high school and though it’s been less and less in the last 10 years I was happy to hear from Mira O’Brien who told me about her watercolour workshop at the Berlin Drawing Room.

The Summer Watercolor Workshop the Berlin Landscape (June 28 – July 15) is about the landscape of Berlin as a subject for practising the subtle medium of watercolour; layering color and value, dry and wet brushstrokes, sketching with watercolor, and experimentation with new materials.

It will be on Sundays, at changing outdoor locations and in addition, the class will meet in the Berlin Drawing Room studio to focus on technique.

No experience required!

Read more here.

Let’s escape into the night!

After I went to this ball room birthday party last Friday (dresscode was something like “baroque with an animalistic twist) I’m hooked on costume balls – or just dressing over the top.

There’s a special ambience in a room full of men in Black Tie and women in baroque dresses, luxury label couture, big wigs and all wearing masks. Of course the setting has to be right too – it was.

Maybe the forecasted finacial crisis and the never ending lectures on “how to be a decent citizen, taking social responsibility” will lead to “nocturnal escapism”.

Apples turned into gold.

Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen is a great initiative that reduces food loss, supports local “farmers” and employs disabled people.

Basically, if you have apple trees in your garden, that provide more fruit that you can eat yourself, you can let them know and they’ll pick it up. The employees are disabled people or people from the “disadvantaged groups” of our society.

Also if your garden needs a loving hand, they offer to tend the garden as well.

More information on their website! Unfortunately only in German.

The long-forgotten horizontal spaces.

Why do people/artists only paint on houses? – or walls.

Just wondering. In a city like Berlin where there is so much “freie Fläche”. Street painters seem to be a phenomenon that existed in the eightees? And in Mary Poppins.

And what about hop scotch? We left it with our childhood. In the eighties. Along with the street painters. And did hop scotch only exist in villages (it did in mine – I’m from one) or do they do it in big cities too?

So many questions on a Thursday afternoon….
I say bring out the chalk this weekend!

The asphalt was hot.

I say Basket Ball is the sport of the summer. The rough, old school kind, of course.

Important rule: guys with six packs play shirtless.

A friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight, And walks with you in the shadows.

Lotte Reiniger born in Charlottenburg in June 2, 1899. Silhouette animator and film director.

A true surviver

The Fichtebunker in Kreuzberg. The only one its kind and size still standing. Amazing object! Especially the Gasometer dome. And to think it saved the lifes of thousands of people…

Fascinating history. Google it!

A photo from the Now Open exhibition in 2010 by students from Freie Universität Berlin.

Rubbish for some…

…gold for others.

Metal, rubber, tiles, wood, paint, fabric – heaven for creatives. Donate or collect – not sure though, if it’s for everybody or if you need some kind of “I’m creative” ID. Call them and find out.

The Warehouse in Berlin Pankow.

Tip via BerlinArtLink

I closed my eyes and it was 1926

…the reminiscence of moments almost forgotten. The power of scent.
Just discovered Harry Lehman, an old-fashioned perfume shop in West Berlin. Memories come cheap here starting at 10 ml for €4.

On March 19th, they’ll be celebrating their 85th birthday. 30% off. No excuse, just go.