Behind the scenes – and the sheets?

Rendez Vous in Mainhatten

“To love beauty is to see light.”

Dandruff-free thruths

The Beauty of Black & White

See[-]through things

Soundtrack for the season

Last weekend’s culinary highlights

Wake up Call

Up all night to get lucky

Cheap laughs for the insiders

My kind of POP

Behind the scenes – and the sheets?

Behind the scenes star wars
Princess Leia and Chewie. 1980.

Rendez Vous in Mainhatten

I used to go to Kuchi alot. Then I got to know Nam. And more importantly his food vision and philosophie. So now I always go to DUDU. He did use to work at Kuchi though so there is a certain connection.

While in Frankfurt I had the time to visit the newly opened Moriki (the owners are business partners of Kofler & Kompanie where I work btw) and turns out they have a partnership with Berlin sushi institution Kuchi.

Very tasty food and a mouthwatering menu – very big selection both for lunch and dinner. Went for the best friends roll of course. And did feel like we were BFF indeed. Lasted till the last bite. Though I do prefer my sushi with a bit less sauce. But all friends come with flaws.

Looking forward to test the dinner menu on my next visit to the Main-metropolis.




“To love beauty is to see light.”

Enlightened moments yesterday on my bike ride home from work. And yes I have to start carrying around my camera around again for better photos. Getting bored with the Instagram look.


Title = a quote by Victor Hugo, French Author, Born February 26, 1802. Who delivered quite alot of though awakening quotes. French people do have their moments.


For and 80es lover of course a neon “disco turm” is a hit. #Fernsehturm


Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol are just a couple of the 20th century artists whose works are featured in the projection. Even the ground is included in the live gallery.


To be honest I’m not sure if this was a special show or if the SAS Radisson always sparkels in blue?


The world of music turned into a visual art play – a light symphony. A colourful addition to the Berlin Dome.

On display till October 20th! More information on these and other works here.

Dandruff-free thruths

One of my favorite twitters. Many thruths from the world of advertising. Many of them which make you smile as in “been there, done that”.


“It was so boring I just had to look,” said no one ever.

Just because you used reason to reach a conclusion doesn’t mean you reasoned correctly.

Dearest Client, While we welcome your opinion, don’t forget the reasons you’re paying for ours. Love, LCB

Skærmbillede 2013-10-06 kl. 13.06.54

The Beauty of Black & White

Pictures full of atmosphere by photographer and film director Jerry Schatzenberg.

Jerry Schatzenberg Faye Dunnaway
Faye Dunaway, 1970

jerry schatzberg1
Edie Sedgwick, 1966

Brodovitch-Halloween Party: 1954-002-002-024 Manhattan, New York, USA 1954
Brodovitch Halloween Party, 1954.

jerry schatzberg_19660900hysymbjerryscha
The Rolling Stones, 1966


Jerry 74091-50422605-u5fb87

Wall Street, 1958.

Via Silver Velvet Sky

See[-]through things

Sometimes you have to change you perspective to see through things properly.

Via bajerblog.

Soundtrack for the season

Hannes Fischer does a great job on catching the mode of a lazy, frisk fall day through his latest remixes.
More on his Soundcloud.

Last weekend’s culinary highlights

Though there are many traps Berlin is truly rich when it comes to food exploring. It’s a hard choice between keep going back to the places you love and where you know what to expect and to be adventurous and try new ones.

Made the jump two times in one day this weekend and first had a delicious bouillabaisse with a just a delicious glass of weißburgunder from Fischladen at the Armeniusmarkthalle in Moabit (the less trendy but definately worth a visit alternative to Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg).


And if you need a food cure for last night’s escapades the fish & chips will do wonders I imagine. Same dishes available at the in Schönhauser Allee!






Secondly a 4 course raw food menu in a very private setting by b.alive run by famed chef Boris Lauser. I loved the food (menu below) an got inspired to try out new combinations at home though the very intimate living room format didn’t really add value to the experience. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about new events.

Raw Food Cake b.alive

Wake up Call

Fall is here. Times are changing. It’s time to get back to blogging.
Don’t be a stranger!

Up all night to get lucky

Danced through my place this morning, heard it on repeat to work and been humming it ever since. Looking forward to the full album that will be out in May!

Daft Punk “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

Cheap laughs for the insiders

Stumbled upon this Tumblr and think it’s hilarious (maybe because I had 1,5 glas of rosé? Mmmm, let me know).

Some of you might have noticed these “humor in motion”-Tumblrs showing up lately. Like WhatShouldWeCallMe. Well, this one brings Berlin on the spot.

If you don’t live in Berlin maybe you’ll learn something new. Or not. But hopefully you will laugh.


(Thank you Julian for the tip)




My kind of POP

No argue that the Swedes are the Scandinavian masters of Pop music. BUT Panamah is doing quite a good job in producing easy digestible ear candy.

Sounds like warm summer night, rosé buzz and sentimental best friends happy dancing.