Меня зовут “Lise”

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Food for pro’s

Buying art the 2013-way

Where did time go?

People? Where?

Better hair for DJs and why they don’t talk about pants

Let us be kids!

Neukölln Winter Bazar

An Ass, a Fairy and a dead Celebrity

A gift: from one tropical troubadour to another


Haven’t made it to Mulax yet. Which is shame on me cause they always share very seductive dinner invitations.

They now want to bring back the Sonntagsbraten – you know how families would gather for a proper Sunday roast back in the days?

Well here’s what’s on the menu (sorry, too lazy to translate).
I’m unfortunately not in town but if you are here’s the event.

Wildkräutersalat, Anis-Joghurt-Dressing & Speckwürfel

Ruppiner Lammkeule, Röstkartoffeln, Speckbohnen & Jus


Skærmbillede 2013-03-17 kl. 11.50.28

Меня зовут “Lise”

Appearantly it can’t get cold enough if you ask me – since I’m willingly going to Moscow on Thursday.

Though I have a fair reason. I’m going to LuxuryHITS a “Luxury and High Interior” trade show to talk about Pop-Up restaurants and mainly about my work with Pret A Diner.

A new world is awaiting. There’s been some talk about a caviar tasting in a penthouse apartment and visiting spectacular event location. Dum-di-dum, we’ll see.

I’ll report…or not…I mean, some stuff might be classified.

Here I am. If you read Russian. If not do not dispair…here is the english version.









Food & Faces

I knew there was something about Volker the first time I met him. He worked in BAERCK a wonderful store in Berlin Mitte back then. But I knew what connected us when I found out that he’s a self-taught chef and dedicated foodie (and besides that our fondness of spending Sundays in Panorama Bar).

Apart from having written and published a cook book already Volker now came up with his next great project “Food & Faces” [orig. "VOLKSSPEISUNG - Essen und Gesichter"]. He visits people in their homes, asks them to cook for him and then portraits them.

Here’s a sneak-peak of a recent session with a Majorcan (the German word for that is “mallorquinisch” – so beautiful!) fashion designer who studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and her German-born partner.

Feel free to send Volker an email on Facebook if you are curious to participate yourself.


Food for pro’s

Heard about The California Breakfast Slam from a couple of people before finally going after talking to James from überlin.

I have to be honest and say I think the place is on the limit regarding cleanliness but the food is simply so tasty you close you’re eyes while chewing to get the full experience – problem solved.

Though I don’t eat gluten I have a weakness for french toast and after a french-toast-free year I decided to treat myself. What a treat! I’m sure it’s lethal if you’re not a pro.

Besides the toast the Mexican style breakfast plates are pure foodporn.

Now you know where to go this weekend.

PS: follow me on instagram for instant updates. #anuduakmoment.

Buying art the 2013-way

If you have no plans on Sunday and dare to defeat the promised minus degrees Berlin Art Link warmly invites you to the De Joode & Kamutzki Winter 2013 Auction presented in collaboration with Pampero Colectivo.

It’s an innovative online/offline things were live-stream video and remote bidding will be provided to serve as a portal between the Berlin location and the New York City satellite location at Stadium Gallery in the Chelsea gallery district. Very 2013!
Begin Berlin 18.00.

Berlin location: Karl-Marx-Allee 78, 10243 Berlin
New York location: Stadium Gallery, 548 W. 28th Street Suite 636, New York, NY.

Register to reserve your spot: or try and come spontaneously.

View the artists and artworks online on




Where did time go?

Wow, didn’t realize I haven’t been posting here since November!

Hope you’ve been getting some updates on facebook or instagram #anuduakmoment.

Been über-busy in my new job for Kolfer & Kompanie planning marketing and pr for Pret A Diner.

The Grand Opening was yesterday. Hope you will grant us a visit over the next six weeks if you are in Berlin and feel like an extraordinary dining experience!






People? Where?

Looking on my instagram account I just noticed that I have very few people on my pictures.

I do actually meet people in everyday life. Yes! And I have one or two friends as well. Seems I’m just much more interested in taking pictures of food and places. Hmm. Ok. Will make an effort to share people too – those who are keen on being shared.


Better hair for DJs and why they don’t talk about pants

I recently met Mano Le Tough at Panorama and instead of talking about music we talked about hair. Quite important for a dj, I guess – no need to talk about pants. Nobody sees them anyway.

So since he liked my hair I recommended Robert of course. I’ve been a faithful customer for almost six years and wouldn’t dream of cheating.

If you need a new hairdo you now know where to go.

So Mano, I’m excited to see the result when we meet again.

Because it’s Friday here’s some Irish s(t)imulation.

Let us be kids!

I’ve always fancied Oliver Rath for his provocative pictures but I’m especially impressed by his project “Lasst Uns Kind Sein”.
In September Rath flew to Togo with the Team from the “RTL charity marathon” to document the project but also created a number of children portraits. Here are some of the photos. See the rest here.

The charity? He collected around €10.000 that will be used to finance an eye clinic in Lome.

Neukölln Winter Bazar

I received an email from Johanna sharing that she and her friend Maggie are doing a winter bazar this weekend. Feel in need of retail therapy? Vintage style. Now you know where to go.

Check out their stuff on the Rag & Bone Man Facebook page.

Event details here

An Ass, a Fairy and a dead Celebrity

I’m still waiting for the next Pale Blue Door appearance in Berlin. Did you go in 2012?

Once again the Londoners are the lucky ones. This menu is mouthwatering!

A gift: from one tropical troubadour to another

This smooth track reminds me of hot, “in-love-with-life” days at the pool/beach in Summer. So close your eyes and join the trip.

FRENCH EXPRESS is kind enough to give it away for free cause as they say:

“Tropical troubadours incessantly believe that one should never be without his or her’s fix of feel good, so this one’s on us. The crusade goes on, and with such, comes “Got Somebody” by Moon Boots.”

Download here.