The place to be. If you’re a “flee” (-a).

“Harder than the rest!”

The apple has fallen!

Do you feel lucky…punk?

Stay in place, travel in space

Can you eat cats?

The Uduak Iberian cuisine

Little vintage treasures

Culinary magic in your own kitchen

Healthy, TASTY food in Brunnenstrasse

Play girl, Play! On the Sunset Strip

Mummy porn meets Stasi stories

The place to be. If you’re a “flee” (-a).

Because I say so! – going to Platoon Kunsthalle for the first time tomorrow and not just for a regular visit but to actually sell some of my clothes and jewellery. Of course all very exclusive pieces so you totally have to come and make a good deal.

- or just hang out and chat and listen to nice music.

Bonus: the amazing Sylwia van der Wonderland aka Vonda 7 is selling her stuff too. If not to buy something you should at least come to get her autograph cause she is gonna be BIG like the day after tomorrow.

Event info HERE.

And this is the nicest flea market soundtrack ever.

“Harder than the rest!”

I had a meeting today in a part of West Berlin where I have never been before and was thrilled to discover this little gem of a shop full of American vintage pieces.

I fell a little bit in love with this red leather jacket but decided that I would be happier in the long run adding those €90 to my winter coat budget (was that too grown up?).

Anyways, pay Objects D’art a visit! Plenty to explore! (The blogpost title was the “slogan” on the store stamp).

Objetcs D’art
Gervinusstraße 15, D-10629 Berlin
Mo. – Fr. 13-17.30
Sa. 12-16

The apple has fallen!

Last minute notice but for those who are around visit Markthalle XI today or tomorrow for their apple market special.

It’s October, the season is on!Sorry, Che, we missed it…
“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” -Che Guevara

Looking for new recipes? Check out this awesome raw apple pie.

Do you feel lucky…punk?

It’s incredible how we “in the western world” (keeping in mind all the options of “sharing and caring”) seem to just live in a bubble – where we don’t even fully comprehend or appreciate our luck to be born, raised and to live in this part of the world.

And I say “we” because I’m ignorant myself. Well, I do support the homeless people hanging in front of my nearby Rewe and I let Unicef withdraw money from my account every month. Small things like that. Because it’s easy and requires a minimum of involvement – so I have time to browse blogs, attend “see and be seen”-events or go out for dinners in nice restaurants with friends. It’s like Ally McBeal (if you remember that tv-show) once replied when she was asked “why are your problems so much bigger than everybody else’s?” “Because they’re mine”. Simple as that.

Well, the ambition to act must be the first step and then “action” will follow. And awareness plays an important role. So I’m glad that people like the ones behind Lakino make an effort to communicate stories we would otherwise not hear. Maybe then we will start to say “I must do something” instead of the passive version “Something must be done.”

So this Thursday I’m off to Lakino‘s Human Rights night for a short educational trip. The 5 day movie festival at Babylon in Mitte presents selected work relating to seven topics and a “best of” category. The experience might not instantly “break my bubble” but maybe it’ll expand it.

More information on the website.


Trailer for one of the movies “The Invinsibles”.

Stay in place, travel in space

Soso, jaja… tried to come up with a clever title that fits this post and kind of failed. It should describe how, when you hear certain music, you go to another place, though physically stuck. Like when I close my eyes and listen to music I heard while on Ibiza, I’m taken back immediately.

Can you eat cats?

Well, I would eat at Katies Blue Cat every day. Discovered it recently when checking out CeeCee’s map, looking for a cafe near by my office and I’m a fan of their baking skills when it comes to gluten free cakes and cookies.

Coffee is good too! – from Bonanza Coffee heroes.

The Uduak Iberian cuisine

Seems food (at least some) just taste better when closer to equator.

Have to admit my diet in Ibiza, due to high temperatures, mainly consisted of gazpacho and “melón y jamòn”. But since not entirely here are some photos of what I ate and drank.









Little vintage treasures

I stop by Memory in Schwedterstraße now and then when I walk past within their opening hours and I always find something there I want.


The other day I gave in to my urge to spend møneys and bought a fine, fine pair of black Pollini pumps. €20. Who would think twice??

Stop by the next time you’re in the area! Unique mix of small furniture pieces, fashion, accessories and deco stuff.






Culinary magic in your own kitchen

Well, maybe there’s magic going on every day but I still think this is an event worth sharing: the Kitchensurfing Chef Fair, a four day event where twelve extraordinary chefs will create intimate dining experiences in private homes across Berlin.

Four of the chefs

Have a look on the website – sign up as a host or register to buy tickets once they launch!

I came to think of it after another lunch feast at Chaparro today since Raul who runs the place is one of the participating chefs.


Healthy, TASTY food in Brunnenstrasse

You’ll find plenty of places in Berlin that offer “healthy food” but at nine out of ten places I visit I’m disappointed by the quality and the choice of ingredients.

So what a thrill today when Martin introduced me to a new place in Brunnenstrasse, close to Anklamerstrasse – of course I forgot the name. I might suffer from holiday brain?


I believe the super friendly owner, who learned his profession at Palace in Westberlin and a high end French restaurant in Knesebeckstrasse, was called Jonas. A young guy who I reckon will go far with the skills he and his team proved today.

Went for a small salad (which was plenty!) plus a bowl of bolognese which was deliciously sweet – I’m guessing from the use of carrots. (I’m a sucker for sweet.). Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw – all possible, I believe.

Also make sure to have a fresh apple juice! – the best I’ve ever had! Tasted like biting straight off a perfectly ripe apple. They have some special machine for it..? brains.



Update: it’s called Joris!

Play girl, Play! On the Sunset Strip

If you ever wondered what was hot in the late 70es I can enlighten you! Just came across this editorial from Playgirl, June 1978 on sighs and whispers .

Photographs by Rick Strauss.

Mummy porn meets Stasi stories

Or should I say “versus”? I guess the title makes you wonder but I’m talking about some of my literary adventures this summer.

Inspired by a brief but intense encounter with an East-German surgeon (yes, sounds like this could relate to reading Fifty Shades of Grey aka mummy porn but no), I’m bringing Stasiland on my upcoming Ibiza-holiday.

I often feel like my relationships with Berlin is too “here and now” which is a real shame when there is so much history both “in our faces” and “between the lines”.

And about Fifty Shades of Grey…what to say? Think the sales numbers (+20 mio just in the States since April) speak for themselves.
The book got me interested in the classic pieces that I have yet to “explore” by Anaïs Nin, Marguerite Duras and George Batailles just to mention a few authors. Also, the Daily Beast made a list of modern “erotica bestsellers” if you need inspiration.

And speaking of literature the internationales literaturfestival berlin is coming up. While the publishers celebrate the return of erotic literature Byung-Chul Han is doing a speech on how in his opinion erotica has been replaced by porn.

For those of you who are getting red ears from all this erotica talk there’s plenty of more decent subject on the programme at the festival too.