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The Uduak Iberian cuisine

Seems food (at least some) just taste better when closer to equator.

Have to admit my diet in Ibiza, due to high temperatures, mainly consisted of gazpacho and “melón y jamòn”. But since not entirely here are some photos of what I ate and drank.









Culinary magic in your own kitchen

Well, maybe there’s magic going on every day but I still think this is an event worth sharing: the Kitchensurfing Chef Fair, a four day event where twelve extraordinary chefs will create intimate dining experiences in private homes across Berlin.

Four of the chefs

Have a look on the website – sign up as a host or register to buy tickets once they launch!

I came to think of it after another lunch feast at Chaparro today since Raul who runs the place is one of the participating chefs.


Healthy paleo lifestyle meets ear candy escapades

A documentation of a couple of the events that filled my last weekend.

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Went for an early morning run.

Got high on water

Went to a birthday party at an amazing location at the water

Had a dance or two at an open air

Rumanian Puma got hungry

Baked paleo buns (recipe inspiration here – sorry, Danish)

Tale of Us delivering ear candy.