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Hang ‘Em!

Green is the new black and hanging plants are the new orchids.

Ramdomly discovered this tutorial on Pinterest yesterday so now you know how to spend your 25 degrees weekend in Berlin!

Sources: Designsponge, Skinnylaminx.

(Maybe this entry testifies that I’ve reached a certain age?)

The door to the hidden lands.

Had dinner in a BEAUTIFUL flat earlier this week. Full of decorative objects and obscure details including this fantastic door leaning against the wall in the spacious kitchen.

See another photo here.

What’s in your fridge?

If Christmas wasn’t so far away I would have wished for “Where they create” by photographer Paul Barbera.

Photos and descriptions of the spaces where creative minds create. Interviews included. Not only how their daily environment influences their output, but also what’s on their desk and even what’s in their fridge.

So here’s to a Januray present for myself.