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An Ass, a Fairy and a dead Celebrity

I’m still waiting for the next Pale Blue Door appearance in Berlin. Did you go in 2012?

Once again the Londoners are the lucky ones. This menu is mouthwatering!

What to do (or at least what I did) in London. Part II.

For my loyal readers here’s my map London Baby! with the locations I pinned out before I went. I actually managed to visit quite a lot while others stay on the list for next time.

Have your nails done at Hair by Fairy in Soho.

This is not really something to see but just noticed animals everywhere in London too.

Explore the north Shoreditch and Dalston.

Eat dinner at Naamaste Kitchen. Best modern Indian food I’ve EVER had.

Have coffee at Fabric 548 on Kingsland Road. Dj playing in the morning and they serve a pretty decent soy cappuccino.

… and remember to give way and take it slow.

What to do (or at least what I did) in London. Part I.

Tried to keep this off the beaten track but have to say it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in London so tut mir leid if I mention the obvious.

Go to the Gentlemen Zoo.

Have lunch at the Whitecross Street Market. For example buckwheat roll the French way.

While in Whitecross Street eat the gluten free chocolate brownie at Fix.

Admire Christian Schad’s art at Tate Modern.

Buy socks at Tabio in Soho.

Colourful stains on various shades of grey.

Just came back to Berlin after a splendid time in London. Took loooaaads of pictures. Will spare you and not post them all but here’s the first round of snapshots – some of the few colourful elements I spotted in a London greyer than grey.

Awriight, Yo, Oi oi, S’appening, Wappen.

The Urban Explorer Team (meaning me and myself) will be going to London in a few weeks. – Hence practicing London Lingo.

Equal parts of exploring, meetings, catch-ups and connecting are planned – including aromatic coffee, savory foods and obscure wines.

Just dug out these photos I took back in 2008 shortly after I got my Nikon D60. Prepare for an upgraded update.

And if anybody has tips regarding exciting new eateries, delightful coffeeshops, current one-of-a kind events etc. they are of course most welcome to share!