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Food for pro’s

Heard about The California Breakfast Slam from a couple of people before finally going after talking to James from überlin.

I have to be honest and say I think the place is on the limit regarding cleanliness but the food is simply so tasty you close you’re eyes while chewing to get the full experience – problem solved.

Though I don’t eat gluten I have a weakness for french toast and after a french-toast-free year I decided to treat myself. What a treat! I’m sure it’s lethal if you’re not a pro.

Besides the toast the Mexican style breakfast plates are pure foodporn.

Now you know where to go this weekend.

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Neukölln Winter Bazar

I received an email from Johanna sharing that she and her friend Maggie are doing a winter bazar this weekend. Feel in need of retail therapy? Vintage style. Now you know where to go.

Check out their stuff on the Rag & Bone Man Facebook page.

Event details here