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The Copenhagen Food Adventure

I recently wrote about a new restaurant in Copenhagen I wanted to try at my next visit. These are also featured on my list:

Oysters & Grill

Recently, an Oysters & Grill place opened in Berlin too. Bebe Rebozo. Haven’t had the chance to test. Judging from photos I like the CPH version better though. Interior-vise.
- and before eating fish, check this visual by the Guardian displaying which fish are “right” to eat.


The brainchild of Michelin Star chef Bo Bech.


Another “regional/seasonal” concept. By Danish food guru Claus Meyer (originally part of Noma).


Raw cupcakes (gluten-free), parsnip rice, raw bread, superfoods and more.

“After taking an animal’s life, the least you can do is use all of it.”

I read this article in Intelligent Life back in August. In the plane headed to Ibiza (aaaah). And just this weekend, I heard about Nose 2 Tail a newly opened restaurant in Copenhagen.

The concept leans on the statement, I used as a headline plus “vicinity” – the use of regional (and I’m sure seasonal) ingredients.
It’s located in an old liver pate factory in the Meatpacking district.

For food freaks out there: Don’t overlook Danish food culture. They’re superquick at reacting on international trends, mixing them with traditional elements and presenting original concepts (+ they understand the role of marketing).

Nose 2 Tail Madbodega

From The Economist/Intelligent Life