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Can you eat cats?

Well, I would eat at Katies Blue Cat every day. Discovered it recently when checking out CeeCee’s map, looking for a cafe near by my office and I’m a fan of their baking skills when it comes to gluten free cakes and cookies.

Coffee is good too! – from Bonanza Coffee heroes.

Healthy, TASTY food in Brunnenstrasse

You’ll find plenty of places in Berlin that offer “healthy food” but at nine out of ten places I visit I’m disappointed by the quality and the choice of ingredients.

So what a thrill today when Martin introduced me to a new place in Brunnenstrasse, close to Anklamerstrasse – of course I forgot the name. I might suffer from holiday brain?


I believe the super friendly owner, who learned his profession at Palace in Westberlin and a high end French restaurant in Knesebeckstrasse, was called Jonas. A young guy who I reckon will go far with the skills he and his team proved today.

Went for a small salad (which was plenty!) plus a bowl of bolognese which was deliciously sweet – I’m guessing from the use of carrots. (I’m a sucker for sweet.). Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw – all possible, I believe.

Also make sure to have a fresh apple juice! – the best I’ve ever had! Tasted like biting straight off a perfectly ripe apple. They have some special machine for it..? brains.



Update: it’s called Joris!