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Explore or Expire!

I started a Google+ page and will share my urban exploring tips there for now – hope you will stop by to get tips for special events, restaurants, bar hopping, book recommendations, art stimulation and more in Berlin and beyond!

PS. EXPLORE OR EXPIRE. My new motto. makes total sense, right?

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Меня зовут “Lise”

Appearantly it can’t get cold enough if you ask me – since I’m willingly going to Moscow on Thursday.

Though I have a fair reason. I’m going to LuxuryHITS a “Luxury and High Interior” trade show to talk about Pop-Up restaurants and mainly about my work with Pret A Diner.

A new world is awaiting. There’s been some talk about a caviar tasting in a penthouse apartment and visiting spectacular event location. Dum-di-dum, we’ll see.

I’ll report…or not…I mean, some stuff might be classified.

Here I am. If you read Russian. If not do not dispair…here is the english version.









Back to the (food) roots

I heard about this Copenhagen “duk-op” restaurant from Danish, Birmingham-based, DJane Denise who recently had the pleasure of joining an event.

Rødder : changing locations and changing prices according to the menu (Denise paid less than €25 for 3 courses and a glass of wine) but true to the sentiment to always exploit regional and seasonal produce and pursue the Nose2Tail concept.

Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Excuse me, but there is just more appreciation of aesthetics in Copenhagen compared to Berlin. I do love the unpolished Berlin “we just do it out of passion” touch that you experience here at these kind of “entrepreneurial initiatives”. But sometimes I wish it would be executed 100% instead of a lazy 85%. If you know what I mean?

© Chris Tonnesen

Culinary world trip in Wedding. Part I

Finally made it to Da Baffi on Saturday. Accompanied by the foxy Miss Sonnichsen (and later on die Hübsche too).

Very recommendable indeed! The atmosphere was even more charming than the photos I’ve seen. Lots of unique details that made it all come together beautifully.

And the food! Unfortunately my stomach is not so keen on pasta anymore but it got overruled when I read the magic words “ravioli…ricotta…tartufo…burro e salvia”. Sage butter heaven!

Of course my phone died 5 min after I arrived so no pictures but I did capture my next target to explore on my way to Da Baffi: Korea Haus.

Was intrigued by the impression I got when walking by and as I googled it yesterday I realized it has been on my to-do list since I read about it on Kiezlage (an excellent Wedding blog).

Culinary world trip in Wedding Part I, check! – let’s see when Part II will be ready.