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“After taking an animal’s life, the least you can do is use all of it.”

I read this article in Intelligent Life back in August. In the plane headed to Ibiza (aaaah). And just this weekend, I heard about Nose 2 Tail a newly opened restaurant in Copenhagen.

The concept leans on the statement, I used as a headline plus “vicinity” – the use of regional (and I’m sure seasonal) ingredients.
It’s located in an old liver pate factory in the Meatpacking district.

For food freaks out there: Don’t overlook Danish food culture. They’re superquick at reacting on international trends, mixing them with traditional elements and presenting original concepts (+ they understand the role of marketing).

Nose 2 Tail Madbodega

From The Economist/Intelligent Life

Apples turned into gold.

Das Geld hängt an den Bäumen is a great initiative that reduces food loss, supports local “farmers” and employs disabled people.

Basically, if you have apple trees in your garden, that provide more fruit that you can eat yourself, you can let them know and they’ll pick it up. The employees are disabled people or people from the “disadvantaged groups” of our society.

Also if your garden needs a loving hand, they offer to tend the garden as well.

More information on their website! Unfortunately only in German.