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An Uduak Moment

I regularly post photos from when out and about on my Facebook Page. Noticed?

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Awriight, Yo, Oi oi, S’appening, Wappen.

The Urban Explorer Team (meaning me and myself) will be going to London in a few weeks. – Hence practicing London Lingo.

Equal parts of exploring, meetings, catch-ups and connecting are planned – including aromatic coffee, savory foods and obscure wines.

Just dug out these photos I took back in 2008 shortly after I got my Nikon D60. Prepare for an upgraded update.

And if anybody has tips regarding exciting new eateries, delightful coffeeshops, current one-of-a kind events etc. they are of course most welcome to share!

Signs of history

Once a brewery, then zerstört, later a sport venue and now partly a hotel.

Böhmisches Brauhaus has been through a lot.