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“Gesundheitsfördende Gerichte” (and beverages full of e-numbers).

As mentioned in my “Bike ride der Kulturen” post I made a spontaneous stop at Korea Haus last Sunday.

My friend Ami already went (she ditched our date) but her feedback (that I respect since she’s been travelling in Korea and is as passionate an eater as I am) came out less positive. Not “bad” it just wasn’t the best Korean she’s had had in Berlin – she mentioned another place but of course I forgot the name: Ami what was it?

- cause I’m pretty curios cause I thought the food was YUMMY! I had the tofu teriyaki if anyone is interested. And some sort of cinnamon/ginger/kaki drink from a can. Sure it’s full of e-numbers but it tasted devine!

“Bikeride der Kulturen” continued.

Thanks for your patience, here’s the 2nd round of photos.

Alte Manier…wonder what this place is up to at night.

Allotment garden in Wedding. When in a sentimental mood, I dream of one.

The Wedding kind of fountain. Here’s what they can afford in Mitte.

Finally made it to Korea Hause – more pictures soon!

I was too full for desert but randomly passed by a Turkish children’s festival.

In Danish you say “green is good for the eyes”

“Bikeride der Kulturen”. Tbc.

Instead of joining the yearly increasing masses at Karneval der Kulturen yesterday I decided to take Victor for a spin and headed towards Plötzensee to do some exploring.

I teased the pictures yesterday on my page. Here’s the first round of snapshots of things that caught my attention along the way.

Old railway bridge.

Kirchhof der französischen Gemeinde.

Bayer Schering in Müllerstraße.


Aaaah, summer is here!


Pretty balconies in Wedding.

…stay tuned for the rest.

Stepping into Italy.

“P.S. “off the record” – Da Baffi is without a doubt the best Italian food I have had in Berlin (and I am always searching).”

This was a byline in a mail from Molly the other day. I don’t remember when I discovered the little Italian eatery but sometime last year – and I still haven’t made it there.

But with Molly’s statement to proof that it’s worth a visit, I think it’s time to go.

Fotos by Berlin Reified – a fine blog about life in Berlin.

“Beisammen im Bad”

With Bäder still fresh in memory, why not mention the concert at Stadtbad Wedding on Thursday.

The 12-people Icelandic string ensemble, Skark, will perform in an installation by French artist Nicolas Dusollier while Austrian artist Ingrid Hora presents a video exhibition.

Sounds very multidisciplinary. Doors open at 21:00. €4,00 entrance.

Post deleted!!

The wonderful thing about having a blog is that you can write entirely what you think, feel and mean. Subjectivity at it’s best! So this is a post expressing my personal oppinion. Here it comes…

Actually I didn’t really want to post these pictures because they’re so extremely hideous but just so you know what we’re talking about. I went to that designer market today – and 95% of the items there were just as painful to look at.

I don’t get it. How can you call yourself “Trendmafia” and organise a market with *biiip* like that ?? Really, I don’t get it. When or where were those designs EVER a trend? I’ve deleted the post promoting the event out of sheer protest.

All this negativity is an outburst of 2,5 years shopping frustration. Since in Berlin. Sure there are great stores too but they are few, far a part and then mostly with expensive designer brands. On that point I really do miss Copenhagen. Maybe, I should organise a sale myself instead of bitching? Or am I on my own here?

If you didn’t read the other post before I deleted it, here’s a link so you know what market NOT TO GO TO!!