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Winter time = Sauna time

Winter is upon us! Minus degrees, depressingly short days, over-consumption of kleenex and a general proclivity to stay home at night instead of venturing out in the blistering cold.

So here’s a tip to get warm throughout the next couple of months. SAUNA! There are countless around Berlin. Some mixed gender if you’re into expressing bodily freedom, some seperated gender and other just for women.

A friend recently went to a Hamam at the Schokofabrik (Chocolate Factory – makes it sound even more interesting!!) located here. This is a women only though.

For €12 you get 3 hours access and for an additional €2/30 minutes you can stay all day if you wish. For €20 my friend had a full body peeling as well. Amazing, she said. Here is some more information on saunas.

Already looking forward to next week’s pampering. Wonder if it will make me look as good as Kate Moss in this W Magazine Fashion Editorial shot in a Hamam?

Pictures from The Insider